Call Out For: Stands 4 Social Housing:


*STAND 4 Social Housing

info: Kym Hines (CTEHV, thaw blog), or

The CTEHV has a Working Group and are moving forward with Social Housing Alliance Victoria as we organize to hold monthly STANDS for HOUSING. The need for adequate, safe, affordable housing is readily apparent as the weather gets colder and extra shelter beds are implemented in some communities. So this is the time to get the message out that there is a housing crisis in our province and an urgent need for more social housing to be built. Doing a STAND in your community is a simple way to raise awareness of the urgent need for housing.

Its been suggested that folks around the province do a STAND on the first Saturday of each month at noon. This will provide a consistent presence and message so that awareness of the housing crisis and the need for social housing won’t be silenced by the political discourse of the status quo