This goes out to Kim and Larry!

We all not only have a right to exist, we have a responsibility to. Life depends on us and we can often still feel it on a cellular basis.

This system we happen to all be born into locally to myself, lies about death and teaches lies, the system lies about a lot of things so, on we go changing system where ever and when ever we can. That is politicizing the personal.

Personalizing the political is when I see where this messed up system affects me directly and see if I like it or not.   Maybe I will have to change something or add to something? Its not always my fault or my idea but, it is my responsibility to make a decision to make an effort to effect healthy change in my life and the lives of others around me.

There have been many things that helped me deal with depression about system and its ill affects thrown upon us seemingly for some, at every turn. For me I realized it’s all about Proximity really, when it comes to Divide and Rule Colonialism, which we strive under the reign of.

I want to focus here on how system wants us all to just get a diagnosis, take some pills and get out of the way of its own progress. Wants for us, depends upon us to go over and over an event and be stuck and need more pills. If it were not for the fact I cannot do most pharmaceuticals, I’d be on them myself.   I also know folks who get a lot of relief from prescriptions and I do not judge them.

System judges and punishes. Simple. We are taught to judge and be punitive. When we are taught otherwise, its outside of system we learn love and compassion. Or, like me I not only had a great mom who helped me fine-tune my ethics, I also took anti oppression 101. I was privileged really to be a part of the beginnings of this woman of color led trainings. I am happy to have a roommate currently who is enacting these early teachings. I went thru an extra one year of sessions we called Continuing The Dialogue, that went in depth into colonial divide and rule, how to identify then heal and make it the lens we see thru. The Political is Personal and the Personal is Political. I hear more folks saying that again and I love it!

I am inspired by how many in my greater community share and feel deeply about life. It’s refreshing. To say the least, but, to go on…

Getting beyond the personal and seeing the big picture helps me not feel lost or that no one can understand. We get thru with others what we suffer in silence and alone. On the other hand, becoming separated from emotional process is not healthy and politics can do that. The political is personal so we need to stay in touch with the day-to-day real life and political affects on our personal lives and the lives of those most affected by harsh social policies.

I am grateful for my hugely diverse community, which grows yearly. I am grateful for those who work past their own patronizing discomforts and identify them as colonial rooted and divisive in its purpose and move towards me thru that great chasm of divide and we connect. It’s like Whoosh!

Proximity is an important concept to ponder within a divisive system such as this one. Who is around you most of the time? Do most folks look like you and come from a similar place or, do you reach out beyond comfort zones and really allow new friends to flourish?   Where are you allowed to congregate? Can you just meet up at any park and not get asked by police why you are there? If so, that is a privilege, especially if you are visibly poor, homeless or street involved.

We all suffer. We have all had to learn to deal in order to move forward in our lives. All of our ancestors made it through an Ice Age!

Some events and people will always be a part of our lives and influence us. Its ok, we can be injured and move forward at the same time.

I have not been surprised in a long time by people’s story’s, met so many folks who felt safe to share old injury’s with me. I felt privileged. Then I filmed Taking The Fall and Rising. I have had to be reminded of all the basics. This system creates unnecessary pain and suffering and if we but focused a wee bit of our time and attention every month to changing this system to a healthier one, we will do so.

It will be diverse as we are diverse.   The more we learn about anti oppression 101 and decolonizing training, the better off we will be. It helps prepare and deal with the process of learning why life seems so unnecessarily hard. That was because it is built on a system to insure it is unnecessarily hard on certain people until it is so for most.

Then the money leaves till resources get going again and they come back like the scavengers they are. Until we take the reigns now, so to speak (I am a cowboy deep down) and we keep doing what ever it is we are doing to help make this world the one we want to live in.

I use the term about “we all have a place in production and want to give credit where credit is due:

Please enjoy The Wobblies Full Length Movie with great old footage!

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