We all have a place in production, all of us are needed on the journey and we are all equal.

I saw quite a few facebook post’s that state the need to support something or other in order to support and save and maintain the middle class.

Wait a minute; what did this Libertarian Poster just say? You middle class are but pawns in this colonial game, just as often miserable and sick and many of you end up homeless. I personally and politically want to make it better for all of us, all of Life. Yes, it’s our job to help save the environment from further destruction thru resource extraction, am I right?

The middle class is crumbling, that is part of the colonial “power over” dominant systemic plan, it brings middle class to their knee’s. Brings them back to a keen awareness of need and dependency upon a master.

They can smell failure close to them like a rotting corpse. Falling. Homeless. Prison. Death. Fear is what keeps colonial system going, fear feeds this death system.

We can use fear as a powerful source of change. It can make us angry and want to defend, that is a natural response. It’s in our blood to defend against intruders.

Some of us are aware of how colonialism is dead, it has failed and “We Have Won”.

In order to collect our prize, our trophy, we must surrender to the much-needed death of this colonial power over system of control, a complete change must occur and only unity will bring it about.

No matter where you are in this class system, which level/class, whether or not you have “opted out” which only means you are living a lie, an illusion, you believe you are not a part of this mess, you somehow seem to think its ok to ride it out, stick with close peeps and pretty much do nothing to make any significant change. Not an option anymore.

Some of you, well, many of us take jobs in oil and gas cause, well, what else are you gonna do right?

Its really about getting all Fight Club (minus the bombs cause they SUCK) and be like “Wow, I heard folks are fighting today in Fort McMurray, and they are saying NO NO NO NO MORE TAR SANDS!!!


We do not need to blow up shit, we need to step up, use our bodies to walk off jobs at critical times, put our on the line for Life and all of our future’s, we must.

I am NOT about saving the middle class, are you serious? Wake up people, we do not need a middle class we need to get rid of these power over dominant systems and ALL ITS MESS including the belief in the need for a middle class! We NEED equity training! We need Anti oppression training and reeducation, De colonisation re education all over in schools and community centers, church’s and library’s.

China was told in our recent past: Let us Resource Extraction Kapitalist’s help better your economic system and raise up 1/3rd for your population to the middle class which will help significantly…BLAH BLAH BLAH – MORE LIES AND BROKEN PROMISES INSERTED HERE by Kapitalist hell bent on filling their own pockets and living the Big Lie!

It has not worked for the Orange Scottish (Colonised Scottish who fight for English Coloniser and quell any rebellions against England) in Northern Ireland; it will not work for anyone! Hello, Orange people are still born and raised under hate’s teachings. Still they are living in another persons land and shitting on their ancestors and thinking they got the “RIGHT” to do so cause an occupying force of English in their own lands tells them so, grants them the fake grossly abused power to be bullies basically.

It never worked!

Divide and rule is kicking all of our butts and we got to get some unity.

“WE ALL HAVE A PLACE IN PRODUCTION.” That is an IWW saying, Industrial Workers of the World.

Check out a great film on youtube:


“I am a citizen of Industry.” That is a quote from an IWW member who was in jail, when asked what country they were citizens of, this is what they would answer.

We all had a land or people and its all being shit on by greed systems all over. These systems are based upon colonial systems that teach entitlement, greed and arrogance. It’s resource extraction out of kkkontrol. It’s a top down unnatural system, which breeds hatred and teaches violence, rape and murder of land and Life.

With open hearts we must act, follow our hearts.

This Power over system is so fucked up one can write volumes on this topic alone (many volumes have been written; one can read Arundhati Roy, Noam Chompsky, Emma Goldma just for a start. , If we could many of us would write books, alas, we are all but slaves to English imperialism

We all keep the unhealthy system moving forward believing “we are the one’s” who will use it to change it, we will live in this middle class and change it from within, a liberal idea that does not work. Never has. Look around and find poverty, racist sexist policy’s, all from colonial capitalist greed systems. Its see’s only itself.

It can’t see past its own nose.

Stop, drop and roll baby, we are on fire and got to make some change nOW or we are fucked.

Complete and utter change needs to occur and we have got to get our hands on some dreaming/visioning/doing!

I want Social Housing Now! YOU never know when a car will hit you and boom, you are in need of social housing within a few short years.

Health crisis is the number one reason for bankruptcy in amerikkka. THINK about it please.

Raging Grannies ask new grannies wanting to join them this question:

What are you willing to risk arrest for? Ask yourself that question now before its too late, you may need to give it some thought given the current state of affairs.

Many of us may not reach our eighty’s or seventy’s or sixty’s….


Kym Hothead

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