Thanks to everyone who tried to help get homeless to Langford.  And a big  congratulations to our very own David Tat. who got on the Leadership Council.


That is David on the far right, but he is actually left in his politics.  We look forward to supporting David in this role at the GVCTEH, Go David!  I was also excited to have Allen Tysick join this leadership council.  I know that experience with the streets and our diverse homeless populations is a critical component for me in these leaders.  Congradulations to the other three whom I do not know, I wish them all the best in helping bringing their vision and action to the leadership council.


I really appreciated Marika and Hannah’s inputs, facts are facts and its best we hear them straight up.  Hearts swelled and tears were shed when Marika had to mention the fact about how many children are and were homeless in Victoria and were turned away at our shelters.  If we had been building social housing this last twenty years we would not have folks fall to the streets and be vulnerable in the first place.

Thank you to Alison Acker for keeping things honest when questioning the stat shared by Dean Fortin in newspapers as well as today at this AGM, someone had to ask.  Thanks Hannah for helping to answer, the stats he was quating were for but One Group/Category of hard to house and are under case management files, not ALL the homeless.  Important kind of fact but hey, its an election so, yeah…

Thank you to to Vicky who was able to ask about poverty pimping,” why is there a ratio of three to one in terms of jobs for each poor person”?  I also add: what of these staffs own mental health?  I did poverty pimping for twenty years, I know how hard it is on the mind and emotions to always go home and think on the shift’s on the front lines.

On another quick note: Our Committee To End Homelessness Victoria, the original group formed, this year we had corporate status to vote, finally.  Still, even though we prepared stating clearly from tne beginning we were sure as heck not gonna pay the membership and, we need to be given the cards just as anyone else, when we arrive.  We got there and were not on any list, we had to sign in and, folks who were kind enuff to work the doors etc had to find out what to do.  I eventually went to the new staff and asked her to come and help get the two voting cards for David and myself, she did so with no problem.  This process is not right.  We prepared, they new we were coming and still we were not on a list of voting members.  Harsh?

Get it together higher up staff at GVCTEH.  Thanks, us at the CTEHV really appreciate it. Community is what it is and it includes all our inputs.

I was happy for Hilary and other’s from the Speakers Bureau group, those who shared today were powerful speakers; folks can ask the GVCTEH for these and other speakers who will come and share their experience strength and vision for a better world.  There are real people who want real change trying at all levels to attain it.

I am grateful there are more and more who understand the need for accepting reality so that we can shift it if necessary.   We need homes, permanent homes, many of us who are not “managed cases” need homes, permanent homes, affordable homes with a tenancy agreement.  What we are offered is a middle class boost, we poor all pay too high rents, some get subsidies.  We are subsidizing middle class home owners, basically.

IF we had Social Housing which is affordable homes for folks like me, it would free up great spots like this home I am in now, for folks who are NOT disabled trying to raise a child with no government support simply because we as co parents are punished for only being able to have our children 40% of the time.  I miss a lot of sleep overs due to fatigue due to the need to go out bottling and recycling, doing the Times Columnist Extra Extra for extra cash for food and meds.  We are punished.

Much social housing that exist’s from BC Housing is unhealthy for me and most.

Look at stats and see poverty pimping getting all the money.

Its not funny, our hearts break when another condo goes up, we fall down.

anyways, i’ll stop with the poem and show some stats.

IMG_1554 IMG_1555

IMG_1556 IMG_1565


IMG_1556 IMG_1557

IMG_1558 IMG_1559


The VERY TALL middle one is Transitional Housing.  That is where all the money has gone folks, not into any Social Housing that is permanent.  WE NEED PERMANENT HOMES!  ALl of the stats reflect money towards jobs and temporary housing more than solutions to end poverty!  The mess on the streets will build and build until we build SOcial Housing Now.  Tis a reality that has been proven.  Sadly, its about a colonial system that creates unnecessary pain and suffering funding the programs so, people must fight for Social Housing Now and that IS Affordable Housing.  Do not let the NEO Liberal lie affect our local needs.

Its not right that only homes that give jobs in poverty pimping, its not healthy.  Yes we need transitional housing, we know that AND LISTEN!   Please, my heart aches with the ache of thousands who are not being heard for generations.  We could give jobs to working people who build with their hands too. Homes need to be built, that is jobs.  They need to be sustained and supported through maintenance.

I need Social Housing, soon as I get it this beautiful home comes up for the many who want to live here, its great but, my disability makes it hard for me and my daughter.  I’d do best in a healthy one bedroom.  At least a larger bachelor.

No Permanent Social Housing built folks.  All supportive and transitional, which we need but, NO SOCIAL HOUSING is killing us.  Stop with divide and rule, we must lead, we are the only ones gonna get us homes.

Give a percentage of condo’s over to Social Housing Now.  Lets see what happens with that election coming.

I know many support this idea, you all got to get brave and step up and lead in the work to get the idea moved into an action stage.  I am doing just that as is David Tat.

Thanks to all who helped get us there today, it was far.