I am a visitor in Lkwungen WSANEC territories from Red River Cree Territory, I am Acadian and Metis.



Hello folks and friends.  My daughter and I went to a CUPE Strike Line in Support of teachers.  We brought food from our garden and love from our hearts for their fight against a NEO LIBERAL government who has gone too far.  WHere is CHristi CLark you ask?  MAking deals with BIG Oil and Fracking and Mining and other resource extraction plans while our children and families suffer.  Christi hangs carrots for us to grab at like the 40 dollar a day for helping US get thru this strike that CHRISTI CLARK HELPED PREPARE THE WAY FOR 12 years ago when she attacked class composition and class sizes.

DO NOT believe the hype lies she weaves in media, badly at that however, it does confuse the heck outa us all eh?

Teachers cannot educate us but the Government can LIE?  WTF?

ALl of us have a place in production and I for one want to help encourage as many as possible to educate ourselves about facts.

WHere are the web sites that show FACTS?  SInce the media lies and teachers can’t do it, what are we waiting for?  I think the time is now, do what you do best and give that to community, before its too late.

We must not allow this government to break this union friends and that is indeed what CHristi wants.  Her children are in school, poverty pimps with triple digit incomes might not feel be feeling this strike that bad yet, but the rest of us sure are eh?

This DIVIDE AND RULE system wants us fighting like dogs over scraps they throw at us.  Lets not lower ourselves.  Yes, go for that 40 dollars a day (you won’t get till AFTER teachers go back to school???)  many are and why not, we need what ever we can get BUT, DO something to help educate yourself rather than being tossed to and fro like waves in the ocean with LIES spun by corporate owned media, the likes of which LOVE Big Oil, Fracking and Mining.  YES there is more than oil and gas and mining.  

One step at a time, get out there now though, this is our opportunity to have these discussions on pickets lines with folks fighting now, now is the time, in solidarity with all working people past and present.

I for one get NO support from government as a PWD for helping raise my daughter since I can only have her about 40% of the time due to my limitations with my disability. I am punished.   I am not under anyones thumb directly so therefore do not qualify for poverty pimping “managed case” housing.  I have said no to psychiatry and psychiatric meds due to my INABILITY to use them without getting ill as I have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, environmental sensitivities, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, IBS and use herbalism and all natural sources of help this powerful earth has shared to help heal me.  I am in community housing I keep full with no money for property managing.  I do however have the choice of who I live with.  I pay too much rent.  I will not rest till this power over colonial system is shifted to one WE the People will lead in every area/location there are people who want health, who want a healthier education system that does not reeducate the lies colonialism teaches our children.  We want relationships across differences, we do!  It is what will save us, true diversity.

Dream and have visions, don’t just sit on your butt waiting for a saviour, YOU are the one you have been waiting for.  We all have a place in production in COMMUNITY, what is yours?  If you don’t know ask your friends what you are good at and GO FOR IT.  Make change, or others will and you will have no say.  

Respect and in Solidarity, Peace is TImes of War…

Kym Hotead