I just got refused service at the Bottle Depot. Why?
Last week I went in with my bike, due to my disability, I went on car side as” walk in” side was busy, its uneven and my disability makes it hard to maneuver, I was told by staff in past it was ok to be there the odd time long as I stay out of way.
Last week I was in that spot and the manager came out and let me know I cannot be there, I was like “ok, I thot it was ok cause someone said I could cause of how I need flat ground sometimes.”  He asked “who told you that”, I said “I don’t remember and that is not important, my disability makes it hard for me and I think an exception was made and, I often meet friends here in cars.” He stated the other side has been made flatter. He stated I was not allowed to solicit from folks.
I said “I don’t “solicit” for recyclables, as I said, I have housed friends who meet me here in their cars”. Like how Chris Kennedy used to do, and others as well..
He just walked away and did not want to hear me, it felt horrible and I know when I am being stigmatised and poor bashed.

Anyways, today I went back and had to clear the air with him, I waited till he came by and asked him if he remembered me from last week, and he did and I said “I felt like you stigmatized me, that you assumed I “solicited” bottles and I don’t…that is stigmatizing and kind of poor bashing.” He totally disagreed and was defencive, he refused to admit any wrong or that he was stigmatising.

He pretty much was a “smirking rude manager type” so, I said: ” I guess I am going to have to write a letter so I can have some closure…”

AND, this is where it gets cloudy, I heard him say “If you write that letter you I’ll respond and you won’t be served here anymore.” I was shocked and stated the conversation was over I guess I need to write a letter. He did end up walking away and going and informing staff as to his side of story.  Keep in mind, I never ahve had problems at depot, if anything, I was praised for how I organised my trays.  He came back out and tried to talk again, not taking any accountability and reminding me that rules are rules, which, of course I had no problem with? I re:state I do not want to talk about this, lets do it in writing how about, as we already determined, He said “keep this out here” I said
“not sure what you mean, if you mean me calling out folks who are stigmatising me, I cannot keep that out here, that goes with me where I go.”

As it turns out, what he said was “go ahead, write that letter,you are not being
served here today.”
So, I thot I heard what I heard and kept sorting. It takes me awhile as i have a lot, two carts full.
I finally go up and find out I am not being served. I try and ascertain why, engage staff to help, they know me and i am a great customer and never a problem.  They also seem a bit unsure and looking at me with confusion and assumption.
I state regarding the confusion being refused service: ” I did not hear him right, why would I keep sorting if I knew I was not being served and why am I Not being served, do you agree with this?”  I try and plea with staff, let them know my side, he does not help as he stands there with this smirk and triangulation attempts.   The manager left the conversation with that smirk on his face. I inevitably ask how they work out conflicts with this guy?
No answer, I take my cart back down to car and every few minutes yell from my car at the top of my lungs SHAME!  I am an activist, I do protest’s, I use my voice against injustice.
I want to go back with camera and record myself for the blogg and youtube, who can come with me now? I have to get daughter at 330, leave at 330 to get her so, its now.
I just want a witness as I record myself in front.
kym hothead hines

exhausted. tired. have to go back to Depot...
exhausted. tired. have to go back to Depot…