We are indeed mostly on our own and thankfully there is help available thru outreach into community and doing old skool networking.   Like Street Newz, which will now pass the torch to us writers and dealers: myself and others are joining Mega Phone out of DTES.  We grow when supported, thanks Janine.  Your mentorship has readied us for what lies ahead.

As far as front line work which can include social justice community, we can have folks working night and day for us under their “job descriptions”, which these days is advocacy, yet there is a mess of trouble a brewing and more new recruits hit our harsh streets daily.  Instead of homes being built, we get advocates.  We need homes.  We also need safe consumption sites all over, tent city’s four years ago and condo’s giving at least 1% of all units built to social housing.  Don’t be fooled by the Neo Liberals redefining Social Housing into advocacy alone, we need Social Housing built.  Or, we can keep strategizing and competing aka fighting over whatever bones the government aka master throws at us “dogs” and undergo ever more economic stress and environmental destruction.

As a transgendered person with a disability who co-parents the most amasing daughter, I am now working hard at trying to bring together a group of GLBT folks who will want to co create intentional healthy community. I will do that with what ever help I can continue to glean in this community and we’ll go from there making plans cause “Hope is Not a Plan”. (Documentary)  I have found a social justice community at First Unitarian Universalist here in Victoria.  I was not seeking “God”, I have a belief, what I was altogether lacking was a foundational community.

We are leafleting for Social Housing Now at the CTEHV and this brings me joy.  We joined a BC wide campaign that started in the DTES.  CTEHV leaflets Tues.’s on Quadra and Fort by View Towers. Saw Bob Boyd and he and I reminisced sharing Tami Turner stories and I promised I will be do more outreach.

The CTEHV started following up on aggressive trans phobic actions recently by clarifying our statements reminding aggressors and agitators of our boundaries with accountability.  Our whole community is focusing much needed work on anti oppression and decolonization.  Until this happens, we will continue to have no foundation.  I have joined the First Unitarian Church of Victoria.  I was not seeking “God”; I already have a spiritual belief, what I was altogether lacking was a foundational community.

I want a healthy supportive community, one that will watch my back and stand up firmly against abusive behaviors and has a mindful and steadfast security culture, which is based on tough love and boundaries.  Forgiveness cannot happen without accountability.

When dealing with such abusive personalities it is our duty to let them know why its wrong that they are abusive and be actively engaged with social boundaries.  I believe There Can Be No Healing Without Protection.

“Good Cop, Bad Kop, Soldier, Warrior.”

This is a working title to an art show that myself and Lindsay Delaronde will co curate starting in six months, so, artists prepare.

With all due respect and in solidarity while holding the dream that we can all come together and step out of our own little worlds; Diligence such as that which Janine practiced with Street Newz, will accomplish a welcoming social space for all in colonial Victoria.  We need help and a reboot so we can download knowledge which is new and upon us into our minds, hearts, spirits and body’s.

kym hothead

Advocate of decolonization and anti oppression reeducation.

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