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Nice day for Leafletting!

VIPIRG and ACPD leafletting stand that CTEHV supported was a beautifully sunny day!

We showed up early Alison and I and Joanne and her friend were already there.  I started leafletting right after Alison and I found a helpful tree for our banner “HOMES FOR ALL” which Alison made.  Alison and I found another tree area that was willing and able to help with our second banner courtesy DTES original group which formed Social Housing Now Campaign which is now BC wide and growing!

Seb, Bernice and Gail showed up and we were off and running.  We even hit the road after office closed for lunch (new notice of changes was on door) , lots of traffic honked supportive horns at Blanshard!

Currently CTEHV, VIPIRG and ACPD are very busy and we encourage all volunteers to join us for the Leafletting Stands.

If we move forward with a next one at Gateway, it will definitely probably  be the Friday after Welfare day next month, I will post to confirm.

For now, you will find a CTEHV Leafletting Stand at Fort and Quadra every Tuesday from 12 noon till 1pm. Or, until I run out of pamphlets, unless of course there are friends there to hang around with and hold the banner for traffic till 1pm.  FNB’s will be joining us soon with hot chocolate and maybe coffee too on tuesdays, I will announce when that happens, Pete and others are working on it as well as their own fundraiser which looks rocking, and its up and coming!

Note: A good time for us all to “visit” and get caught up is banner holding time, western style for me, with shades on, soon to be joined by a FNB cart!


thanks everyone, Bruce Dean joined us at the ned and was sure to get better photo’s then these.

Look forward to adding them.

We move ahead while considering:

*We empower those affected most ie: poor disabled, working poor and homeless, to lead in this campaign, which is why we leaflet welfare offices.

*We also want HELP so, Alison would love to to a stand on Douglas and Fort for more public exposure.

*VIPIRG is committed to do a once a month stand and may re strategies a friday after welfare day for Gateway or any office really…, that stand can rotate offices, maybe?

*When we do press releases, we insure original groups which came to first meeting with Vancouver group (and other groups who may have jumped on board since),  can have the time and opportunity to get volunteers and community members  from their organisation’s contacts notified on time so we might gain more help at Leafletting Stands.

all food for thought we glean as we move forward.

respect and in the spirit os solidarity,

kym hothead hines

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