First picture is from last tuesday when I was at FOrt and Quadra, had a tree help me out with banner!  The following pictures are of other dates.





VIPIRG and ACPD made a date for May 2nd to go Gateway Office from 12 – 1pm and the CTHV jumped on board!.  One of my dreams come true!  That is the disability office way the heck out there!  # 70 Bus, I looked on Google and could not even find the mall but, its # 70 Bus then cross back over four lanes of traffic and get over to mall and the Welfare Office is within.


I have personally wanted this for some time and was thrilled to hear the news at the meeting tonight.  CTEHV has of course joined in on this one.

I hope to get word out to folks who really wanted to leaflet this Gateway Office like the SCIAC group over at the Greater Victoria Coalition To End Homelessness and other friends on disability who have been seriously worried about housing over at View Towers and beyond.

CTEHV will be hosting an ongoing Social Housing Now leafletting at Quadra and Fort Every Tuesday from 12 – 1pm.  We need some consistency for our homeless family members to know where we are.  Hopefully FNB will be able to join us soon.  We will talk about other locations we may plan for.  As there is more and more divide and rule poverty pimping due to government cuts, neglect and thus attacks we are experiencing by police; we work harder to reach out in order to serve justice and EMPOWER the homeless to LEAD THEMSELVES out of poverty. So far they want simple care, dignity and HOMES!  Homeless family need and have asked to be treated with dignity.  Many have asked for a tent city and each time they attempt one it gets attacked and not supported.   They want Healthcare For All, Safe Consumption Sites, healthy jobs not destructive retail.  The list goes on and we must start with homes.  This government has no home for my future, I don’t need an advocate, I need a home and a future, we need them built!

Please help.

kym hothead hines