April 14th

So, I went to Our Place for lunch, was hungry and once again found myself at the mercy of charity.  I bring my camera and insure its charged up.  I always see police at Our Place meals so, when I got there and there was no cars, no “beat walking police” or no “copcycle’s” (Loving term on the street for police on bicycles)

It was a pleasant surprise to have none inside either so that with a small line up, pretty good soup I could eat and loads of folks saying” Hi”, what a treat.

I no sooner sit down and have a young woman come and sit with me, we met at a CTEHV meeting and she seemed down.  We chatted a bit and when she asked how I was, I said kind of good that I don’t have to take out my camera and take photo’s opf police watching over us, she says look behind you.  I look and there are two uniformed police standing up in the dining area just by the hand washing station, where people walk to get into line up.  I said, “woa, thanx sister.  And, just for the record, I always bring my camera, please let me know a 6 up next time.  I got up, had camera out of bag and took these photos;







These two officers did not seem to like it much, I mentioned I was taking photo’s as a Street Newz Reporter, and the Our Place staff waved, sweet guy by the way, but the two officers kept moving around trying to get out of frame.

Your public servants, you are at Our Place with out a warrant, why you wanting to hide from camera?


kym hothead