Its friday, must be a busy day at Hellfare?

I went to Our Place last monday night, a police officer on a bike was all casually sitting right inside the gate and to the right I said all smiley “Hellow, you the new welcoming committee?” He says “yep, I’m the new welcoming comittee.”

Just to be clear, I think Walmart is still hiring?  MIght be a better place for these fellow’s?  Police sitting around watching the gate at Our Place every meal. is this the best use of resources at a time when sexual predators are running havoc in Victoria?  VIolent repeat offenders seem to be getting a green light whilst VICPD and security are keeping an eye pretty much on drug users, mental health consumers and those who over partake in alcoholic beverages in the public domain of their homeless lives.

Food for thought while many struggle for healthy food.

kym hothead hines

Where Oh Where Are Our Warriors?  Lost within colonialism, will they rise from battles not their own?