Aliso Acker and I were at FOrt and Douglas at noon and we very happily became engaged in a competition.
And by the wy, we did not plan for the matching hats!

We split the pile of five leaflets and set off, both os us with our eye on the gaol.

I won.  We split the five, I got two she got three as she had the edge as a granny and all, me with a missing tooth, I did however shave and this helped me gain an edge I believe, I went wiiht the “I am with granny” look, it was fun!

We will be meeting again soon and, will have more leaflets next time, and peeps to.

We managed to engage a woman to tak our photo after she took a photo with her camera.

We managed to connect with every person we met!


Sadly, I got home and heard a message from Bernice, saying she had more leaflets and would meet us after 12.

Well, I missed that message and we were done when we were done so….

Next time we promise to be mroe prepared and have more bodies at the next


Ta Dum!

kym hothead hines

reporting live from

the back porch

in Lkwungen WSANEC Territories