I am a visitor in Lkwungen and WASANEC territories. Image NOTICE:  our Social Housing Now leafleting campaign is under-way with our first VIPIRG hosted event Saturday March 1/2012. We will take an hour and leaflet each time with the banner Social Housing Now shared to us with love from Vancouver.  We hope to have updated leaflets that reflect local initiatives and groups that have signed on including TAPS, Faith In Action and many more who were present at our first protest locally last year in front of welfare office.

March 18th 12 – 1pm.  Fort and Douglas: DONE!

VIPIRG is hosting: April 5th  Saturday  12 – 1pm.  Quadra and View Street. VIPIRG host’s leafleting for Social Housing Now:  meet on the corner of Quadra and View Street!

CTEHV host’s Leafleting for Social Housing Now:  

April 15th 12 – 1pm. Meet Corner of Fort and Douglas, Royal Bank side.

We’d like enuff people to have two on each corner leafleting and two extra for holding the Social Housing Now banner; we’ll take turns and rotate banner holding.  We only have one hour, we can meet up for coffee after maybe?

Stay tuned for updates.  

We still have not organised going to welfare offices on Welly day as requested, anyone interested please come and express that interest at a meeting of our CTEHV wednesdays 7pm and once a month at 130 at Our Place Chapel. (see our schedule home page ctehv) CTEHV is still seeking a neutral space where all will be welcome, sadly the fact is that Our Place is  no longer that a safe place for all our street family.  

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updated April 1st 2014