I’ve decided after much thot and discusion to vote for Lisa Helps for the next Mayor of Victoria, there is far too much missing with current leadership like LEADERSHIP!  I’ve known Lisa for a few years now and believe she is most likely to win and is the most progresive so, in terms of Naom Chomsky strategy, vote her in as the most progresive and then hit the streets after supporting our own work and get support form her and see what she can do, let her know before hand our alternative visions and publically state these visions/ideas of what we want in socail housing, alternative run housing and I believe she has the best ability to get us close to that goal. Victorians will need to fullfil our obligations to poverty pimping industry and help transfer them to healthy, garden filled love filled spaces till we clean up this mess we are in with the charity model.


I was excited but torn about hearing that Shelly Gudgeon is also going for Mayor elect, I like Shelly!  It does show just where leadership is coming from, women!  However; I will vote her in for another term as City Councilor, and believe she will go for and win as mayor later on, I suspect she would get in.  I feel the timeing and knowing what is needed makes me pick Lisa Helps this term, I think with Shelly and others like Ben Issit and Maryanne Alto, this could be an amasing team for the next few years!  Shelly is a strong charachter with a good BIG heart and is meeting a lot of us where we are at, she came to our CTEHV meetings and did fairly well, she was a great support at our first Break Away Cafe and she has a spirit about her that makes me know she will gain voters as she will fight for her constituents.  I just believe Lisa Helps has more of an ability to deal with what is needed to become Mayor this next election and take care of bussiness and homeless issues. I feel we need Shelly as City Councilor helping from where she is at now , fighting for many on many levels.  She has what it takes to fight for her constituents alongside a mayor like Lisa Helps who I feel is ready to tackle issues like Socail Housing.


If one looks at poverty pimping ventures, getting you folks jobs in the field, Dean Fortin has donenot so bad for many of you folks.  Otherwise, its lacking for a vision of alternative economics for us all.  When you get together and talk with her about say Crystal Pool, I walked away feeling like it will be inclusive to my homeless family members and transgendered family members,that means a lot to me!  We alldeserve a nice place to be in community.


We need green space or any frigging public space, homes for the poor that come with a tenancy agreement like what Carol James did for us on Humboldt street. I want vision that includes the likes of me and not hates the likes of me, at least can hear critical feedback and desires to meet face to face with poverty pimping industry and those like me who do anti poverty and advocate, IF folks say yeah, lets go, let me have it, well, I say Lets Go, Lets Be Honest and state LOUDLY what we’d like.  Lets get clear and lay it out! CTEHV is doing that right now.


I already put in for all condo’s start right away having a persentage go to SOCIAL HOUSING and more of what Carol James got going in regards to support and a tenancy agreement, NOT MORE TEMPORARY HOMES with NO TENANCY AGREEMENTS please, I beg of you.


All in all, I think we have a better chance at this with a team led by Lisa Helps than what Dean Fortin has given us. We have gone backwards with Dean Fortin and his GNA supporting person he turned out to be.

We could have had Woodwyn Farm doing a lot more suportive work IF there was support from the Greater Victoria Coalition To End Homelessness, the one that Dean Fortim is the chair for and he says NO to this great farm idea cause of political positioning, posturing they call it. gross.


He has been given ample oppurtunity to help really make a difference and chooses instead to do same old same old.

Lisa Helps for Mayor.  Lets chat if you disagree.  I think we do this and we hit the streets to support change and HAVE SOME VISION with ACTION.  Those who Do are those who GET, I am speaking political movements and people’s movements, I believe we have got to get out there and make a decision either way and back it. Its the back it part that most of us don’t do, i think eh?


I want a Safe Consumption SIte run by Harm Reduction Movement that INCLUDES FULLY the users themselves like VANDU, i do not think we will get that here without a street level organising, BUT, we can get a Safe consumption site running, get it started, we need a few.  We need to help and not criminilise people.  



i know no ONE can do what I want, only I can, and you too.  Lets get our voice out there and shake stuff UP! Its one way of making change, thru art and music, thru art in banner making, thru voicing injustice in public, thru sharing your vision in public space..Create, SIng, Dance, Speak or Mime your vision.

kym hothead hines

thawblog: ctehv.wordpress.com