Committee To End Homelessness Victoria’s : BREAK AWAY CAFÉ!

Facebook Event Page Comment:

“What a lovely theme! Home, is something so many take for granted. I feel truly blessed to have mine, but know I am never really “home secure”. I just got “renovicted” for the second time; and having to create another home is and can be challenging. I am excited to be part of this event; but must say that I am a guest on this territory. 
A few years back, my partner and I went to hold space for women; as there was no candles, no moment of silence….it was very quiet.
Invisible women…this is what is perpetuated on systemic levels. It happens in societal levels, with the “diversity” that eventually swallows all identity. There has been a loud roar for all to hear from these Invisible Women. They have asked to be seen; beyond the day, hour, moment of silence. 
The LOVE we have on this day, will be shared, to remember what was once Invisible.”
“ah you folks are marvelous my the strength of God and Allah be with you 
and guise you on your wonderful cause 
help those people i know them very well 
i was on the street too 
very difficult to pull ones self up by ones bootstraps 
with no boots or shoes or a roof 
imagine getting all cold and wet and not 
being able to have a nice warm bath, laundry
shave and have a nice breakfast 
every day so you can get your act together”