You remember some time back when Dean Fortin put up signs on the benches across from City Fall?  Dean was quoated as saying something to the affect of “I have to look out from my office window and see them every day.”

Them being our homeless family members, often older and some elders, who go there to rest and meet up with family and friends. Sometimes they meet there before going to the shelters, or before going shopping as they need help, the list goes on as to why we and our homeless family use those benches.  One mom of three who is housed out of town comes and and makes a point to walk by there and see who she might see and visit.  The benches had signs put on them that was embarrassing to City of Vikkktoria and folks spoke out so they had the signs removed.  Must have pissed off Dean cause there gone now!  Was he mad that folks drank at the bench?  Was he jealous?  Did he not appreciate their attitude towards the oppressive state they are wounded by and try to survive in?

How disgusting! I yell SHAME!  I have photo’s to show you where they used to be.  I’d like to ask citizens of Victoria who have a heart and know how to share space: to strongly object to this and help get benches, FLAT so we can sit beside each other, not the dumb ass individualized DIVIDE AND RULE benches, so that we can once again enjoy visits and a spot for our elders to sit and be comfortable!  Many elders housed have used these benches.  How embarrassing!  How low will City of Vikkktoria go? That my friends is up to you and I!  Currently I struggle to write a piece about my experience with and at the Belfry’s Homeless theatre show that just ran.  “Home” is in the title but, every time I write about it I have to go and search for the name.

The CTEHV is having a Musical Happening on February 14th at the Downtown Community Center.  It gonna have the theme of Home:  “I love Home and  Will You Be My Home?”  We are not having speakers, instead we invite you to come and join the CTEHV and myself kym hothead as MC and Stephanie Lovatt hosting a live session with guest’s, I will also help host an open mic for those brave enough to come up and sing a song.  We wanted to have time to share, meet up, talk.  We NEVER ahve time for this as we are often run off our feet.  We are so used to going fast!  Its not good although its been necesary.  Poverty crisis’s happen daily.  This bench being removed by Dean FOrtin cause he did not want to see them?

WTF!  NIMBYism is NOT allowed in City of Victoria!  NIMBYism will not be in my home city! We at the CTEHV are planning monthly actions at Welfare Offices all over Victoria.

We will network and have time to chat about this at this Musical Event!  Please come for our two our time and enjoy some Food Not BOmbs food and some pot lucked food by housed folks who want to help but maybe cannot stay or an stay and even sing a song or two!?

Also, I just went to the Pain Clinic and, they were ready to sign my up for xrays right away to see when or if I can start cortisone shots.  No problem.  As soon as I mentioned I was not interested in this, after the shocked look and the checking to make sure I jsut said that, she said “fine”.  They had nothing in their brochure package which was great and had some times I could do yoga and stuff like that that I want to go to. There were no mention of economics and the affects on our pain and poor living conditions.  They seemed to be more interested in showing us how to get back to work then healing our oppressive society and system which CAUSES THE MOST PAIN!  In all the great information, and it was an excellent package, there was only one HUGE PROBLEM.  Nothing, not one bubble about economics and its affect on us as people struggling with pain syndromes?  Yes I repeated myself.

Not surprised since it is a VIHA initiative after all.

Lets have some self respect how about and make Victoria the amasing home it can be for us all?

We can all have homes, we can have a guaranteed liveable income, we can stop fracking and oil:  together we can enjoy most excellent lives, all of us.

We Can!

So, see you February 14th at the Downtown Community Center, probably doors open 7pm.

IF you know a song, please come and sing it, IF you can bring healthy snack trays kind of stuff, please do.  If you can bring food but cannot stay,please bring us food.  We at the Committee To End Homelessness Victoria (ctehv) are on our own as far as money goes.  Although I am most excited by an anonomos donor paying for the rental of space!  Than you so much, praises to you!

Dean Fortin will NOT support Richard Leblanc with Woodwynn farm due to Political BS and helped displace our homeless family off green and their own tent city and removed benches cause he gets so jealous of old timers having a life and resting, HE is the chair of the Greater Victoria Coalition to end Homelessness?  He has no right to it, in my opinion.  Thanks to the experiential aspect to the GVCTEH and the amasing staff they have gotten, it would be a mess!  It has a “top down” mentality that is very hierarchal and  that mentality is not wanted on this anti poverty journey.  Thanks to all who help in their own special ways.

with al due respect

OMGoodness we have work to do and we want to start having fun too!

see you


kym hothead