Victoria StreetNewz February Issue.

There is a series on the Internet I’ve been watching with my daughter called Once Upon A Time.   The premise is Snow White, Prince Charming and other fairy tale characters are magicly brought to a horrible place where they cannot use magic, so they think.  That place is our time, this world.  The first thing you learn is that Snow Whites step mom who is the daughter of an “evil witch”, (keep in mind “witches” were merely pagan healers re- catagorized by Roman colonist’s) she curses them and, the only two who would remember their true identity’s in this new world were that “evil witch” aka the Mayor and Rumpelstiltskin (contract guy/all powerful death dealer) who owns the town.   One of the lessons is “Magic always comes with a price.”  It’s a warning that the series drives home well.

Replace magic with the word privilege. Each of us has probably had some privilege handed to us and it came with a price.  No matter who we are or what our status.  I would argue anyways.  I have seen privilege’s on the street fought for, lives lost in working class, middle class and working poor outlaw families over privilege’s not shared, the list of examples go on for as long as we have had to share.  Oh, and do we ever have to share. 

We are living in a fairy tale in so much as we are lied to since birth and have a story drilled into us.  The core of that story is that the only options we have are the ones civilization colonial has given us, as opposed to natures plans and options.  We are told why we must go off to fight wars, like in fairytales we are up against trolls in terms of inequality. Goliath has David adding new tools in this so called battle of “earth kingdom”: wrenches and road blocks!

The judicial system runs like it has bad magic running it and there seems no way out except to obey unjust laws and stay out of harms reach of the thugs that hold up the colonial state.  The police.  Yes there are good hearted people who become police and they work night and day to follow their hearts, trust me, ask local “good cops” and if they can they will tell you about that fine line they walk, especially with the likes of Jamie Graham being chief in command locally.  His career shows nothing more than another person maneuvering around an unjust system for his own good and the good of his upper command bosses.  He is sure to have a good seat with old power mongers in their hell.  Not me, I won’t be anywhere near that fantastical outdated tale.

You will find me on earth, and if that day comes and we blow this whole thing up, I’ll see you out there, in space, back to where we came from.  As now, I am One with Life thus the universe and know this to be true.  Believe whatever punitive judgmental Salvationist religion you want, pick any and you will be swimming upstream against crowds divided.

Years ago as a young naïve born again Christian I had a vision during a hate talk aka a evangelical sermon by Brian Rudd, the vision was of the ship Jonah was on, an old testament character who was told by the god of the Israelites’ to go where his people were enslaved and let them know the good news of their up and coming redemption.  You know the story maybe, the ship begins to break up.  Stop there.  It was divide and rule in action, driven by fear like we are now.  I saw many religions and people and they were divided by walls, right beside them, walls.  The ship began to fall apart, was going to sink.  Then, a whale swallowed Jonah and saved his ass only to spew him to earth whereby he was alone in a hot sun, god gave him a tree and its shade to rest under; then, god brought a worm to eat up that tree when Jonah got too comfortable so that got his butt moving.  He had work to do, He was gonna get himself jailed for loudly proclaiming to slaves in public that their redemption was coming and would they please just rise up out of those bonds and follow Jonah to their homeland?  Alrighty then, how do you think the slave drivers of the day would react to a Jewish male walking freely in and telling their Jewish slaves that they should get up and follow Jonah or their god was gonna be pissed off.

Insurgents’.  Rome had to deal with them as well.  I have believed for years now that Jesus was a revolutionary insurgent, an anarchist really.  He was the Son of God.  Cannot both be true?  Its what I gleaned in regards to the bible and his/herstorical facts that were messed with by those in positions of power.

Remember, power comes with a price.  What price are you paying for the priveleges you experience?  Why is working a shitty job said to be a privilege and we should just “eat it”?  Going to another country to make war so that we in Canada can drive cars is not a privilege but a crime against humanity.  What price are you willing to pay?  Have you really thought about your future generations?  Has fear kept you from dreaming for your children and grandchildren?  Where do you have privilege?  Whom do you share it with?  Why?  Privilege comes with a price, that price is divide and rule oppression, are you ok with divide and rule economics, the one which you are currently living under the reigns of? 

If you are not actively sharing power and privileges’ with those who do not have power or privileges; then you are living off the avails of others oppression and helping keep us all living in a painful civilization, which is dying.

I get so frustrated with “system”.  Like Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite, you’ll find me going “Argghh,” with fist’s clenched and a wee stomp on the spot as I am impatient with this violent painful system we hold up: as people working sick unhealthy jobs in order to pay rent, get health needs met or eat are suffering and making Life itself suffer as well.

It’s kind of embarrassingly honest.  I’ve been asked what helped me?

I got my education from radical feminist’s who were developed the original Anti Oppression 101 workshops.  They taught me about how people of color and poor were allies, I learned that poverty had its roots in this colonial system and we were oppressed.  They tried to teach me about privilege, it took me awhile since I felt like I never had any in my whole life!  I urge you to please enroll in an Anti Oppression 101 workshop, it can help our community’s strengthen and move forward thru the oncoming crisis we all must face.  We all can face our fears together and smash down stereotypes that are meant to divide thus rule while we fight over scraps the Big Guy throws down to the ground for us dogs, and we fight.

CTEHV (The original Committee To End Homelessness Victoria) is offering and beginning to run Anti Oppression 101 workshops as a regular series, if folks want it, you can sign up.  

I have found each time I do a series it helps me tremendously, I look forward to attending and please get a hold of us thru our website at I also invite you to check out my blog, on the ctehv website.  I’d love you all to comment more and ask me questions I might be able to answer; it helps us grow when we hear from each other.  It takes a village after all.


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