“thots of the daze.

anonymos was scared, scared of authority.  fearfull of retaliation anonymos speaks and leaks reality.  The streets, home for many of us. I am criminilised for illicit drug use in my past, still haunts me to this day, they can pull me over at any time and, sadly, have done so when I’ve been with my daughter who I coparent.  Straight and narrow means nothing to kops. One morning, when I was at the tent city on Pandora there, this guy, he see’s us and comes over with gear for his working day eh?  And he just wanted to know like, what was happening eh?  He gets jacked up by kops and his gear taken!  For just stopping and chatting?  Isn’t that fucked up?  Turns out he had made arrangements for his work to pick him up close to the tent city!  I see good intention people come and want to connect and often kops or security deter them as if to “protect them”.  From what, us?  There are just as many violent people housed as homeless!   I worry myself about being honest in public about how depressing this all is!  The day-to-day drudgery of line “ups life”.    The inability to put anything away for a rainy day, makes life intensely depressing.  My own daughter is embarrassed about my need to pick up bottles and cans. I share that its a great thing to do for the environment, keeps me outside in fresh air and is an honorable way to make extra cash for those of us who don’t care anymore about the stigma that goes with bottling and binning.  I have been struggling for years now to keep my head above water and, given the need for food and basic care and all since I’m on a disability, I have to do what I can.

thanks for giving me a chance to beek off and not sign my name to this, don’t want to draw to much heat, trying to stay away from Police State.


ps: anonymos rises in oppressive states.”