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When I am asked how I am doing, that is it in a nutshell.  I am simply overwhelmed.  Shit in the “to do” pile is out of kontrol.  This is a first in my life to have so much on that pile, I just got a letter from BC Housing:”you have 90 days to come in and update us or you are off thelist” just before xmas even!  Stress!  Its all they can do down there with their sucky budgets, send out letters and check i.

No help to find in ann active way, that is our individual jobs, even though many of us are so sick we barely keep up with daily task’s…????

I was already feeling overwhelmed way back when I moved into View Towers just before I began filming with the CTEHV’s thaw project.  I was the filmmaker in the end for a one 78 minute feature film about homelessness in victoria.  I have written about it at length in the Street Newz for just over four years now i think?

To think of what I went thru just since the film started, from transphobic attacks and having to deal with adult men who do not like parents with boundaries around their children, like me.  “Dealing Head On” is the title for this particular four year chapter of my life. I am honored to have  an article published in Bloodlines Magazine about me.  I wrote 4500 words abot my life, four stories really,a nd this great editor took it and interviewed me thru it.  Wow, what a job that must have been.  When she got the writing all I heard was “Holy fuck!”  This past four years had me screaming for and about Anti poverty 101 and basic radical feminist analysis as being crucial to acknowledge this continued work as being so important.  We grow thru work and conflict so lets be brave kym, lets be brave.

I am frustrated by the lack of desire to jump in when it comes to issues of class and power.  I came up with a new example of this particular impatience and anger in the comedy film Napoleon Dynamite.  “AAAaaarrrggghh!”  Fists clenched at sides, little hop stomp on the spot!  Or this great one, left standing and wondering wtf?

We each have a story to share and we are all enriched as community when everybody’s story counts!  Currently in the Greater Victoria general community there is so much disgusting public displays of stigma thus anger and its almost too much.  No matter which faith based church / congregation / parish and the like I walk by there will be haters in the crowd.  Its true, no matter how much you smile and say hi and ignore the fck outa that shit, its thick as stink coming outa old sulfur earth.  I also have experienced a spiritual faith based community church with very little recognizable stigma.  Here in Victoria, its been a breath of fresh air, The Unitarian Church out in Brentwood Bay area, I think?As far as general Victoria community: its all stigma, judgment, punitive criminalising of the poor and illicit drug users, police state so out of kontrol there is no longer any public space.

I am even overwhelmed with the judgment and disassociation people do a LOT of regarding how we treat each other in political communities when one of us makes a mistake!  Holy Krap the judgment is amasing!  People just shoot off and write off allies like there is no tomoroo and, that is what worries me.

People seem to still have too much time on their hands!  There is so  much we can be doing to come together and fight the good fight yet we stay stuck in our inability t give and take feedback or criticism!  Its not supposed to be about writing people off!  We do not have that so called privilege any fckng more.  We have got to work shit out!  There is no more running away from it folks and friends.  If you want loving community you best learn how to fight.  Which bring me to why I desire for us all to learn Anti Oppression 101 and keep engaging in it till we are done!

I worry we will never grow through to a place of being able to get over shit, deal with conflict and move on.  All the soap operatic BS is for TV! Not our lives!

I want for all people to be able to sleep well at night.  That is just a start.  For us all to wake up to this lie we live and make a better world for everybody before it really is too late.  I am so sick and tired of old outdated models like the landlord and tenant one!  Divisive as fck, let stop it how about?  A GLI would help tht one!

Guaranteed Livable Income for all.  To share.

I look forward to a new year of visions coming true, people fighting for Life and against Injustice…..  What are the risk’s you are willing to take to protect Life?  what are the risk’s you are willing to take to fight against racism/classism and sexism for a starters?  To work with First Nations and women who lead?

To speak out bravely against divide and rule like the Burns Lake chief sighning onto t he Pipeline! WTF!!!


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