A poor parent with a disability (me) wants to know: what times are the Ferris Wheel open for business at Viktoria’s Centenial SquarePants?

Now that I have two bucks in my pocket I am desperately trying to get to it with daughter?  Also, when do we deal with this VIkkktoria City Kouncil?  I am not sure who THE BOSS is in this town anymore, besides colonial hierarchical stupidity.

We got the main puppet Dean Fortin, we have three allies on City Council that voted YES for the thorny bush’s to going in across from Rockbay Landings’ poverty pimping venture.  Sneaky someones at City of Vikkktoria sucked Lifecycles into this venture, its amasing how a dollar bill suddenly makes even the most amasing and capable of people unable to do homework or have time to investigate. City Councilor Ben Isitt had the foresight to state the city should not put in the thorny bushes until the City of Viktoria replace green space that was already taken!  Now, question is, did the other two City Councilors agree to this stipulation and will they stand with us when we fight this because we ARE fighting this!

Charlayne Thornton-Joe (Whom we know is Not one of three Allies) says Rockbay Landing is safe, it’s “those people who hang outside that are not safe for clients at Rockbay”.  Well, it’s a matter of fact that there is no room at the landing for all our homeless. 

In our CTEHV film Taking The Fall and Rising, while interviewing Catherine, we see a red sleeping bag with a person sleeping in it right across from the landing.  I turned off my camera after getting shots from a distance and met a very sad 63 year old first nations woman who needed to lay down but had no place to lay down inside, She came outside.   Her family was unreachable; she was in town for health appointments, in between the worlds and needing rest, a place to sleep.

This very shelter where you can refer women with children in which the VICPD drop off the likes of Cameron DeLacroix, remember him?

 “Cameron DeLacroix worked with the City’s most vulnerable people. despite having a criminal record history of violence and sexual offences.”  Saanich News April 12 2013

“Now the 62 year old is charged with sexual expoitation, sexual assault, obtaining sexual services from someone under 18, assault, mischief and breach of undertaking.”

FYI: He worked at AVI.  He used a pseudonym to get his job, its why nothing came up on the criminal record check.  VICPD know his aliases.  They did not give the public that information.

VICPD made some kind of deal with him.  He was released to Rockbay Landing.

“He was arrested January 6th 2011. “ Saanich News

Here is where it gets confusing; the article above states he was “released after the arrest on a promise to appear in court.”  The article was written April 12th 2011.

Here is an article from August 2012, CBC:

“Victoria, B.C., Man Pleads Guilty To Sex With Girls”

CBC  |  Posted: 08/13/2012 10:03 am Updated: 08/13/2012 8:40 pm

A former outreach worker who provided drugs in exchange for sex with two 17-year-old girls has pleaded guilty to three criminal charges.

Cameron Delacroix was scheduled to go to court in September to face four sex-related charges along with mischief, assault and breach of an undertaking.

Instead, Delacroix pleaded guilty earlier this month to two counts associated with having sex with the underage girls, and to breaching an undertaking by contacting one of the victims.

Crown lawyer Neil MacKenzie said four other counts were stayed.

“The Crown was satisfied that the guilty pleas that were entered captured the most serious conduct that was alleged against him,” MacKenzie said.

“The Crown does see it as a significant benefit to complainants not to have to go through the difficulty of a trial and, obviously, also the uncertainty of a trial.”

Delacroix will spend no more time in jail than the 16 months he has already served.

He will be on probation for two years, with a court order to not be in the company of any female person under the age of 18.

Delacroix had worked for two social service agencies in Victoria prior to when the alleged offenses took place in 2009.

Both the Umbrella Society and AIDS Vancouver Island say they did background checks on Delacroix, but his previous criminal record for sex offenses were not revealed because Delacroix had legally changed his name.”

Charlayne Thornton-Joe tells the media that “those people who are hanging across from Rockbay Landing are not safe for the clients” does she not see that she is poor bashing and stigmatizing our homeless populations whom are in pain and that some of those in pain use waht is catagorised as an illicit drug and then criminilised?  Can she not see that she places them at risk of being beaten up due to her poor bashing statements in the Times Colonialist!?

She seems to merely be a a puppet for the GNA and other right wing special interest groups.  Does she actually believe she made an important compromise?  She must already know that she has crossed a line? 

She is definitely speaking for and on behalf of the GNA.  She is definitely not getting my vote in the next city elections.

Know that the CTEHV and other allies are organizing around this current attack on our homeless family members!

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