Remember back when I posted a cool picture of a fellow named Allan by his newly dug garden?  He got off the streets and into treatment rehab etc and did well.  He was determined.  When I first met him he was living on the streets, his nickname was Trail.  He was always on the go.  I noticed he took direction from Old Skool.  Not only did he follow what is called “Old Skool ways”, an old honor code of the streets, he listened to old timers who were old skool, SIllyas well as Tami Turner, Kim Freeman were some of them.  Months later I would meet him, a determined man who had vision, still does.  He is a doer, some would call him a” hype”, meanng hyper and, a hype who does.  He found out I had access to getting help starting a garden and he came to a CTEHV meeting and we got him set up.  A member named CHris K got him stuff, Chris had gotten me set up to grow organic garlic I acquired in a work exchange with a farmer friend a roommate helped, that was just last year October 2012!

Allan cooks his own meals and is self reliant, is good at fixing things and is open to direction, his sense of humur is great, he made me laugh a lot, I needed that.  I found his vision in regards to healing community to be cutting edge “social justice” based, mixed with all he knew that he knew about capitalism, he knew  how to use it to move forward his ideas.  I had to be the one to inform him that many before him have had these visions and dreams, Martin Luther King, many all over the world fighting for the very visions and dreams he had, to house people.  For many, we believe we have to be the first to come up with an idea, the system encourages this.  I learned as did ALlan that other ideas, once we learn about the history of resistance, we can feel proud of coming up with these same ideas as the likes of Martinm Luther King.  Regarding his idea re: housing; That is an idea I will let him share with you.

WHAT I NEED NOW IS HELP.  I want to help find him a room to rent.  He is out pounding the ground, he asked for one of my roommates or me to help him search.  I am run off me feet and want to ask you, friends and community members, if you can be so kind as to meet this man and give him a chance, lets encourage the flames oif change that burn within him.  His transitional housing ran out and we have not buiolt homes for poor in far too many years, as we all have sadly learned, all across Kanada that is when feds stopped building social housing and just gave that money to each province to build social housing.  Has your Province built it?  Not ours here in BC!

Thank you for sharing this with any potential renters who may have a room or garage home for Allan.

Get a hold of me Kym Hothead thru the CTEHV which meets eachj wednesday at 7pm at Silver Threads and once a month at Our Place Chapel at 130 pm; (we desperatly seek a neutral location so that all of our homeless family can  be welcomed in to our meetings including those housed and homeless)  Our minutes are supposed to be somewhere her on our ctehv site..

see schedule back on ctehv homepage.

thanks friends.

kym hothead hines