IMG_0655IMG_0656IMG_0657230 pm Today at Our Place.

Went out to see how my bike feels after a basic tune up and a replacement back wheel, mine was stolen. Sad that folks feel they have the need to steal poor folks bikes! I mean, how much “I don’t care” you got to feel to do that shit eh? Hitting the same spots twice and even three times or more, now that is just plain old not thinking at all. That is jsut focusing on an addiction, dissasoaciation at its worst. Oppurtunistic criminals. That will be one of the few times you will ever hear me say “criminal” or see me write “criminal”. Yet, when my back wheel was stolen and the non optional need to move my attention to fixing a mess someone else made. Pissed me off. I am grateful for CTEHV (Committee To End Homelessness Victoria, the non funded grass roots original group here in Lkwungen Territory aka Victoria)
Anyways, this is NOT aboptu that, ThIS is about how many police were at Our Place today, seemingly starting investigations about who’s buggy that was left last night. I mean, who in their right moind is gona come forward when that many KKKops are around and one B Lines over to the old guy hanging by the cart wondering himself who’s it is? Is it abandoned? The only great thing is IT WAS STILL THERE! Made many wonder if it was a trap?
The street is hard to read by some, laughable by others and downright hurtful to far too many who fall and maybe want so me dignity? Who want to be acknowledged in their wisdom of experience in life, each having a part in production.
I overheard a short and quick but rather crass back and forth between two or three, one other overheard as well, he grins and says “welcome home.” and goes over and chills out with friends.
I love the street, those close to the streets whether by blood family or choice. Many have fallen due to a system that creates unnecesary suffering, many cannot handle this systemic suffering most of us cannot figure out till we are in our fifty’s: some of us must leave our homes and family. One cannot judge a fact. It is what it is. Emotional and mental health issues which are formed thru unnecesary suffering: the side affects come out at home. themselves at home. As community we can take turns taking care of/for those who are not our blood. It can help so much, OI know, I healed this way.
It makes sense, and it hurts us so much. You can volunteer at Rainbow Kitchen or Our Place for hostess jobs, wiping down tables and serving food jobs. Volunteer at Mustard Seed Food bank and help bring love there. Remember, there is always love.
thanks for that sharon!