Just got back from bottling along waterfront, its a path Silly had suggested based on my disability. I miss Priscilla aka Silly. The last time I spent with her we were invited and paid really well to go to the UVIC and bring the film Taking The FALL AND RISING for a showing, ooops on caps lock. SO anyways, we showed the film, Silly slept threw it, she was awake after, she had after all seen it many times and I suggested she take time to sleep. We anwered a few questions from the few folks present, then we watched Submedia’s film on Quebes UPRISING and WHY student loans are cheaper in Quebec (they fought for it) and why minimm wage is highest, again :L thy FOUGHT for it. She was blown away when she saw people being treated the way they were by police, just like how they were treated daily. Amased as to the fight back, how people fought BACK! It shows bravery, determination, vision, unity: we sat in amasement as we witnessed hundreds of thousands of people come out of homes and bang pots and pans for justice.
I beg of you to realise not all have seen what we have been priveleged to see and witness andbe a part of making change over, making it better for others, how some FIGHT!
Then, after her tragic death I would witness Mik’maq fight, and I thot of SiIlly. How she would have loved to see that!
She inspired me on her life and will continue to long after she took her last breath…: the last time I saw SiIlly, she was sleeping beside Scott, the two of them were on Yates, the last sidewalk she slept on far as I know. Tomorrow at Our Place, she was barred from Our Place and never returned, we will honor her life, her community of many she affected , she loved, and so much more than I can ever say here, we will honor her, we wil meet after, walking streets trying to find safe spots to grieve with each other, together: cops might spot us and come and move us along some may be friendly’s, some not. 
ANother day of folks wondering why….
together we move forward, thru love and death and then more love, it astounds me..
DO you know we are most like the Bonobo monkey, closer related than to any other animal?
Look into it, SIlly would love me ending on this fact!
I am Bonobo, We are Bonobo!
respect, see you tomoroo at Our Place 1000 am for her honoring.
chapel, upstairs.
Did I mention I had a great nite out bottling?