Thanks to Trudy Norman our Committee To End Homelessness Victoria will have great representation at the up and coming conference in Ottawa.

Hilary Marks, Trudy Norman and Bernie Paulie are going on behalf of Greater Victoria Coalition To End Homelessness and will no doubt leave their mark, all the power to you folks!

We at the CTEHV have asked Trudy to please speak on our behalf as she has been an active member of our committee these past few years!  We have accomplished a lot: We created a feature film, as a result of that film we have had community building that has been so needed, to empower folks living poverty to speak about their own experiences on their terms.  I was honored to have gotten closer to folks like Tami Turner, Silly aka Priscilla, may they both rest in peace, today was Silly’s memorial.  Both women helped me edit the film by being able to identify who was who in the background shots, thru them I was introduced to folks I would not have met otherwise, understand more about what was happening for folks who wanted nothing very much to do with civilisation, they taught me a lot about Prisoners Justice Day…

The list goes on, as a result of this film, in my opinion, folks were brought together and formed VICDUU from the streets and we are now nationally recognised. Thanks to  Rose Henry, although no longer an active memberfor some years:  is a founding member and she bottom lined with this day of remembrance on December 21st.  Once again our comittee will be organising this event, and again this year the Greater Victoria Coaliton will be involved in helping.  Hannah Rabinovitch did an amasing job last year with M.C’ing in such a beautiful respectful and empowering way.

All the best to al of you who journey out and represent for us all, and its a lot to represent!

We all can’t wait to hear from you, maybe we can ensure a great debrief happens asap after you get back at our CTEHV meeting!

Here are two photo’s of last years December memorial, followed by a photo of Tami Turner and Silly.



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