Committee To End Homelessness Victoria

invited CRD Housing Director Henry Kamphof.

WE WELCOME YOU to please attend our meeting AND HAVE YOUR VOICE’S HEARD.

Why not support a tent city while in this crisis we are in?  Why are there no new social housing going up since we have known that the Fed’s transfered money and responsibility to provinces twenty eyars ago now?  Why does it seem taht CRD is more interested in poverty pimping housing then homes for all?  We need permanent housing now!   Its too late for many who have passed away this last twenty years with health issues unresolved and housing issues unresolved, its not too late for the living!

We urge you to come out this Wednesday October 9 at 1pm

within the chapel @ Our Place Society.  Image

Chapel is located on 2nd floor.  DOn’t forget to Idle No MOre today at 1200 noon

at Legislature, starts at 1215!