I mentioned the word Shame when talking about my dismay when I drove by the old Travellers Inn by Rockbay Landing which got turned into apartments.  Working poor, disabled and homeless stayed at that Travellers.   YES, working people are being stiffed by Government with NO affordable housing in sight.  I get that and have been screaming about that for years now.  We must stop being so nice.  People work their assess off to shift housing from the poor to the working poor and its not  the answer!  It can’t feel good!  We can feel sorry for the situation, make it “the best we can and feel good about that” or CHANGE GOVERNMENT AND DEMAND HOUSING NOW!  What do we have to do?  Chain ourselves to the legislature doors as a doctors wife just suggested to me?  I wish she would!  I’d back her up!  Would you?

Why is it we get sucked into this every time?  This IS the best Government has to offer for Canadians for so many years and we still get sucked in!?  That is a shame!  Its a shame that workers can only do what they are told in order to get work, they are never given enough to their jobs and then must convince us all to celebrate this catastrophe?

There is no willingness to make a fundamental shift around the fact that not enough social housing is being built nor are there plans for social housing now BECAUSE we are slaves.  We need affordable housing and not take from the poor in order to get it, which was done here at the Rockbay apartments.  Instead of trying to focus on how great that is, allow us the people to remind you that government once again stole from one group to give to another.  Workers pitted against community like it or not.  A few will have a home while most suffer unnecessarily still.  No solutions.  What are we celebrating again?  You understand now?

NO NEW CONDO”S until we have social housing being built.  This is a travesty that we are living.  We as people must take the time to demand government take care of its people, all its people.

This divide and rule is fooling us and we wonder why kym hothead does not jump up and cheer when housing from the poor is taken and given to another group of struggling Canadians who are lost as slaves in a system that lies and says we are free.  That I am not pleased with the Coalition To End Homelessness and their bandaid solutions paid for by the very government we must demand homes and health care from should not be a surprise so stop personalizing the criticism!  We must have unity and in order to do that we must deal with reality.

We all deserve a home no matter what our economic situation.  A guaranteed livable income is the ONLY answer and we best get on it and demand for All a home NOW.  Martin Luther King knew a GLI (Guaranteed Livable Income) could work to end suffering and kontrol over our slave lives.  He realized that the black man and the white man had poverty in common!  Capitalism destroys and lies and some enjoy the benefits from such suffering, no one can truly be happy in this mess!

650.00 a month rent for working poor is still too much!  You can compare it with other KKKapitalist ventures that charge way too much OR Allow  the dreamer to scream about how we can all live life to the fullest, we can do this if we DEMAND to build housing for all.  Right away we can demand all new condo’s need to have a percentage go to social housing NOW!  Us poor worked at one time. Due to an ever increasing uncaring system many more are suffering and there are no working plans in sight.

Please wake up slaves, you who work, wake up to this oppressive state and NEVER allow this to happen again in what could be a thriving community which  cares for all!

in solidarity,

I dream of us all Rising Up Out Of The Line Ups!

kym hothead hines

Acadian / Metis visitor in Lkwungen and WSANEC Territory’s from

Red River Cree Territory