August 31, 2013

I was at the Gateway Office with Kim Freeman the other day.  As it turns out, when you and your partner go thru a break up and community supports you through it, you must also jump thru a hoop with Hellfare!

Although I was sad for them to hear the news, I give kudo’s to old skool street that realizes when support is needed.

As you al know Kim was moved from the old Travellers Inn right beside Rockbay Landing aka:  “Poverty Pimping aka: a system taking advantage of good people trying to put band aids on chronic health failure due to a failed health system”, as well as the ”Street Police State Central Office”

As you know may or may not know Kim is dealing with a lot of health issues and as a result of a taxi hitting her a few years ago, she is quite disabled and Larry is one of the only peeps that she has an old skool trust with, he often rides her on his bike to her daily appointments and, since they split up during a crisis of housing they kind of had to go thru a lot of conflicts and worked out an arrangement.

At the welfare Gateway office Kim had to grab a number twice instead of being able to re enter the line and finalize what was in progress, she would wait just under three hours in total.  I was able to stay and help them out, they were most grateful.  While there I met two individuals with whom I shared our CTEHV and thawVictoria work, gave them each a film and came up with the title of this blog entry today.

For Kim and also Larry, thank goodness I was there and they had a good worker in the end that released their cheques to them.  They had to PROVE they had a changed relationship.  I was ready to go to bat for them as many would have but, in the end we were done good by it.  Sadly, the inherent abuse this system offers up daily, well, I have been writing about that for a while now.

In the end, it really IS about each of us having to get out of the line up and RISE UP.

It starts from within.

I believe we can start a national campaign that each province can sign onto easily, as it will be easy.

For the next year we can ask folks on the front lines of anti poverty work to go to Welfare Offices across Canada to leaflet their offices with a get out of the line up and RISE UP campaign.  We can pick a date, give ourselves one year to prepare, and all Wellfare recipients who are able to organize will strike on that day and demand health care for all Canadian citizens, homes for all Canadian citizens Environmental Health for all “Canadians”.  We are responsible for seven generations for this land water and air.

People say, “you ask for too much, pick one of these and go for it, be reasonable”.  Many respond by saying “Move over and allow our vision thru!”

RISE UP and get OUT OF the LINE UPS!  We are all in a line up of some kind and we can all Rise Up against Big Pharmaceutical due to the rise in so called “accidental deaths” caused by sides affects in the unorganized pharmaceutical users groups, Rise Up because we know work conditions have denigrated to the point of all kinds of folks told they must fight each other to get to the so called top, Rise Up for our seniors abandoned at retirement and having to do all the work when they deserve to retire.

Rise Up Youth and Elders and fight for our futures.  Dignity was lost and now is found.

kym hothead hines

visitor on Lkwungen and WSANEC Territory’s from Red River Cree Territory.