Two days after the election, it’s a warmer night on my porch.  I have to say I was not surprised the FIBerals got back in.  Pleasant surprise the NDP’s took the Island.  Disappointed in the Green and NDP leadership within each area. Except in the Labrador by-election that occurred before our BC election which helped get in a progressive liberal, the Green member backed out of the riding to insure the progressive programs continued.

We are in a new day so we must face reality and take some leadership, all of us.  Many still rest on their laurels.  Most are idle. Many did not vote and most stick with their own issues, rarely going beyond safe zones of familiarity.  Folks are often angry, sad, depressed, mistrusting and not satisfied yet, like a definition of insanity I heard: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Most leave it to the next person; are too busy; are fed up and think it does no good; are too sick and very tired of it all; give very little of our free time as we feel we have none and, we don’t often have any so, it only makes sense those close to us get that one on one time right?

Those who still have time defend it.  “Time for me”, which is necessary for all people.  So, equity in mind, there is a lot more folks can share their time.  Given most have had no extra time much of their lives based on poverty or the fear of it  

In all the managing of time and priorities, what do we give to “other”?

While we self loathe and irk responsibility except to inner circle and self, the Nimrods gather their forces, take our money and do outreach to build their base of support.  They lie to our youth making promises they cannot keep.  Petty cash promises. It all helps folks who suffer to get that little bit more in all this suffering.   Many burn out in jobs done for love and justice, watching as others go on that 2X yearly get away.

Most of us just don’t get away and wonder how the fuck we ever did it before.

At what cost do we get the one time promise from Government at election time?  Its important we think of it so that we are not divided and ruled by an oppressive system we all want to change yet guilt ridden and choose only those who best reflect ourselves.

Unity shown brightly thru Social Housing BC’s End Poverty Rally. (DATE)  Peer run groups like VANDU from the DTES Vancouver are on the rise and have strengthened old bonds and formed new ones: TAPS , Faith in Action,  SOLID, Committee To End Homelessness Victoria homeless family members were present, (ctehv.wordpress / thawVictoria Channel on Youtube) and many more sang, dance and shared vision in protest.  Afterwards Dave Deiwart requested on behalf of the Vancouver Social Housing Coalition BC to host quick meeting and network together as they moved on with their great campaighn!   CTEHV thru me requested Vancouver chair and we would help acquire space.  Faith in Action folks acquired Our Place: others and myself helped insure a smooth meeting.  DTES members helped create a respectful vibe for all.  Local homeless were able to be heard and in turn, listen to brothers and sisters from DTES.  Visitors responded with shock and outrage as to the conditions of our homeless family members locally.  I was proud of our local faith community.

End Poverty Rally was a success and I look forward to future organising. 

In ending, thawVictoria has had a street youth come forward that would like to do weekly video uploads to thawVIctoria regarding life on the streets.  Also, Ethel Williams has done her first interview for thawVictoria and would love to do more,   Media Net has offered to sponsor my thaw blog on the ctehv.wordpress site.  I am honored and thank them publicly.  They have offered us an older camera at $3.00 a day for this purpose.  I would need to rent a mic as well and that brings it to basically $10.00 a day.  I’d like to rent a camera 2X a week, one day for Ethel and one day for the street youth.  (Whose name remains anonymous till we start) We are honored that both have come forward and trust that we will empower them to guide this process with legal advice and support.  On that note, we are seeking law students to come out with me on the street shift as witness.  We’d also like a phone for the student/witness in order for them to take photo’s of any interactions myself or street youth may encounter.

Please contact Alison Acker at and donate to whomever you’d like and become a sponsor.  I am happy to announce Vancouver is requesting we come back and show the film again, VANDU has shown an interest as well as Power of Women group.  Susan Boyd has suggested we use Skype in the future to insure Kim Freeman can be at the next out of town showing.  Great idea!  Get in touch with TAPS,  Faith In Action, SOLID or CTEHV if you are interested in helping out with housing and desire to see change: will go to protest and maybe even sing and dance for justice alongside our homeless family members!  Keep an ear out for news of   Gathering on the Green Speakers Corner Booth / Barbeque  2013! 

By request, CTEHV will once again host this event on Sept. 7th a week before the Anarchist Book Fair, which will host “Taking The Fall and Rising”.  You get another chance to speak out in our booth masked or not: whilst you eat, hang out, sing, dance, blow bubbles, mingle, network…  WE will welcome you to bring guitars other strings and yer voice! 

in solidarity,


kym hothead hines

Inspired visitor in Lkwungen WSANEC territory’

from Red River Cree Territory. 


This photo is of Andrew and I after the Bylaw officer beat him up in a park one morning.  Andrew’s dental plate was broken and thanks to compassionate city councillors  Andrew did get that covered after the bylaw officer was found NOT GUILTY!  Image






These are a couple of photo’s I took while filming three years ago.  Four men were on top of one hungry man, he had stolen a 1/4 or 1/2 chicken.  I was barred for life from the Market On Yates for taking a set of photo’s whilst stating clearly my concerns about his heart, pressure on his legs, the fellow who had his arm around his neck, I stated clearly it looked shameful.

Also, I have a photo of a security officer who jacked me up while I was taking photo’s on a street corner by the London Drugs/Market on Yates area.  City workers were doing a great job of cleaning up a spill on our streets.  I made a complaint to the Solicitor Generals Office and he was given a formal slap on the wrist.  Security guards are given more and more power by the conservative police state and as a result many of them are going to far and they are overstepping their legal boundaries.    

We must step UP when we see a person abuse their power over another.  IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY to help!  If a friend is “losing it” on another person in a fight, we are responsible to diffuse somehow, to distract, to even pull them off!  The officers who beat people up have other officers watching, THOSE OFFICERS ARE EQUALLY TO BLAME FOR NOT STOPPING THE BEATING!  We are also responsible IF WE WALK AWAY when someone needs our help.  If we walk away we have to deal with years of guilt so, eat if, go to confession  Watch each others backs and stop the violence. We can all Begin a new way of life that includes all Life and insures we all have a better life now!

The last photo I chose is of Seb, he works at VIPIRG.  He is a wonderful man and has been rocking it out as far as activism by a person housed in a new family and being an ally.  He lives grassroots activism and shares his academia skills with us on the front lines.  HIm and many many others are working their butts off.  Minutes before this photo was taken, Seb was happily postering for one of our shared events, when suddenly and VERY FAST a black and white police car came screaming down the wrong way on Pandora street and went right at Seb!  Seb said it frightened him and then angered him.  The officer stated the police were called by someone who complained about the postering and the officer was responding.  WOWZERS!  If that is the response for postering makes me kind of worried?  Grassroots, you want action and adventure?  you want cutting edge?   Join the front line anti poverty movement.  Anti oppresion 101 is highly recommended and, remember, its not for the faint of heart…