So, I figured out that, just being me, doing what I do, sometimes inspires folks. It also has the opposite affect on other folks. Some folks get angry for diverse reasons, some are jealous and experience guilt. All I can say is its not mine, that guilt, its yours. Deal with your own demons and stop projecting it onto me. We all have a place in production, we all need to know what that is and most do not feel self worth at all so, conundrum city!

And, I can now say that two folks in my community have now called me a liar as far as me having the disability’s I have. It blows my mind what i people will lower themselves to say? I have been called a community builder, recently even praised for having so many voices in the curent film I just did and, I’ve also been called a cunt, misogynist, abusive, “it” and so on. I know I am not perfect, believe it or not I am constantly aware of my character defects and am aware of each moment of hurt and disappointment, let downs and so on, all the times I fuck up, I think on this daily. I wonder why more folks do not politise these conflicts and understand more there origin in a colonial system that is so oppressive? I have admitted repeatedly I am at my wits end in regards to my PTSD and my need to live alone. It is why a lot of us go homeless in the end…
We all deserve a home, all my roommates, everyone in victoria and, we are all fucked as far as that goes so, I just don’t know sometimes?

kym hothead hines