Remember back in 2010 when the Committee To End Homelessness Victoria (CTEHV) hosted the event based upon the attack on the Homeless Tent City led by the Pandora Green Good Neighbor Agreement co chaired by Dr.Mathews: and then further attack occurred when the GNA pushed for the CIty of Victoria to create and enforce a traffic bylaw; thus displacing our homeless family which created the crisis we are still feeling the affects of today?
note: VICPD enforced this traffic bylaw before the city passed the bylaw.
note: Homeless people started the tent city across from the services they felt safe around!
The stigma in Victoria has grown and multiplied over this past few years, thanks due in part to Outgoing Mayor elect Alan Lowe, for hiring the sketchy Chief of Police Jamie Graham out of DTES Vancouver. We have witnessed the increased attack on our poor and homeless and those criminalized for drug use.
Basically myself and other members of the CTEHV and our Transform Homelessness Advocacy WAtch newly formed group went door to door, business’s, church’s, community center’s, organizations and asked them to come and speak out, we even advertised in local mainstream media. Happily the Conservatory of Music were present and, she even insured we were invited to the GNA meetings. The community responded with what would become a growing number of citizens meeting and learning and having rethought much, after many town halls and getting thru STIGMA and HATRED, we found many want: a safe consumption site, housing immediately and more.
You may be as confused as I was after you watch and realise that, right in the thick of it we had so many people who had so many great ideas.
Yet, here we sit with our homeless family suffering a great deal when all we need to do is house them in the ways they would feel comfortable and safe. We found a couple of hundred want a tent city and the CTEHV is committed to support this endeavour in any way that we can.
To be clear we need NOW: housing for all which includes a tenancy agreement, respectful and non judgemental patient led health care, a safe consumption site which is peer run, a peer led harm reduction support group which is anonymous.
These are what has been shared. Allow a tent city NOW. Stop criminalizing illicit drug users and cannabis users NOW. Stop criminalizing people who gather in public spaces, stop harassing them and constantly stalking them.
I was moved and brought to inspiration and continue as I watched one after another articulate very well the solutions in this short film. Thank you all, sorry for those who do not see themselves there, we seemed to have had technical difficulty’s with some, yet, what remained I dream will inspire you as much as it did me.
From us and me to all of you. A strong community of people driven by love and now tied together thru film.