I was unable to stay at the Reclamation of PKOLS over at Mount Douglas Park.  Its a long story but, the short of it is in the title, my disability can hit me like this, I was disapointed to leave but very inspired by how many folks I saw.  No film in camera did not help.


I will let the story below give you important deets.

How great that htis happened today, inspiring.


To quote Eric Nordal (SocialCoast):

The WSÁNEĆ (Saanich) First Nations, led by hereditary chief WEC'KINEM (Eric Pelkey), have written to the Province of British
Columbia's Geographic Names Office to officially request the restoration of the indigenous name PKOLS to the promontory of land currently known as Mount Douglas. A second letter to the District of Saanich proposes "jointly determining" an appropriate name for the municipal park surrounding the mountain. The requests coincide 
with a Day of Action taking place today May 22nd, as indigenous nations and non-indigenous residents converge on the base of the mountain at Shelbourne Street and Cedar Hill Road at 5:00pm for a march to the summit, where the signing of the Douglas Treaty will be re-enacted and a new sign erected by the WSÁNEĆ Nations. Food
will also be served to all attendees.

"We are inviting the Mayor of Saanich, his Council, and all residents of Saanich and neighbouring municipalities to join with us in restoring and celebrating the original name PKOLS," says WEC'KINEM(Eric Pelkey). "Everyone is welcome. This is an invitation to all people and nations to join. This mountain holds a special place inthe culture and history of the WSÁNEĆ people. Restoring the original name PKOLS is something our elders have been encouraging us to do for a long time. Today we take this important step in co-operation with non-indigenous allies in our community."

PKOLS (pronounced p’cawls), which can be translated as “White Rock” or “White Head”, reflects the Indigenous oral history of the 
area. Stories of PKOLS go back to nearly the beginning of time for WSÁNEĆ (Saanich) people. Historically, it has been an important meeting place; and geological findings indicate that it was the 
last place glaciers receded from on southern Vancouver Island. 

“It is a very important place for our people,” said Pelkey. “PKOLSis a part of our creation story within the WSÁNEĆ nation; and it’swhere our treaty was first agreed to in 1852." James Douglas and his men met with WSÁNEĆ chiefs at the summit of PKOLS to discuss a treaty between the local Indigenous peoples and the settler 
Out numbered by WSÁNEĆ warriors, Douglas offered blankets and 
money and the eventual signing of the Douglas Treaty was understood to be a promise that the WSÁNEĆ people would not be interfered with. But this promise has since been broken.

(kym hothead wonders if these blankets had small pox in them.
I would guess they probably did?)

International social activists including award-winning journalist Naomi Klein, acclaimed linguist Noam Chomsky and feminist Judy 
Rebick have endorsed today's Day of Action. CBC Radio host Shelagh Rogers is also among the group of endorsers, and Rogers will be attending the action in Saanich, BC.
The following community organizations and individuals have also endorsed the Day of Action: AIDS Vancouver Island, Council of Canadians, Freeskool, Greenpeace, the Indigenous Nationhood Movement, Indigenous Waves Radio, International Federation of Iranian 
Refugees, Keepers of the Athabasca, Lifecycles Project Society, Los Altos Institute, Rising Tide Vancouver, the Sierra Club of BC, SocialCoast.org, Social Environmental Alliance, South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy, Together Against Poverty Society, 
University of Victoria Indigenous Governance Program,Vancouver 
Island Community Forest Action Network, Victoria Coalition for Survivors, Victoria Idle No More, and The Warren Undergraduate 
For more information please visit: http://PKOLS.org. Members of the public and the media are welcome to attend the reclamation, which begins at 5:00pm May 22nd at the base of the mountain, where Shelbourne Street meets Cedar Hill Road.

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WEC'KINEM (Eric Pelkey) – Tsawout First Nation, 250-480-8526 / ehpelkey@tsawout.ca