Well, I was nervous as heck about today’s screening at Our Place, and, it was empowering and challenging as well
Harsh for Jordan as he was not able to find the remote control, so that we could actually watch the movie, we only got to watch the trailer.  FOlks liked the trailer and loved joey only’s song!
No remote. No play main feature. I was happy folks were kind about it, disapointed as much as me, as, it was so great that so many made it out!
Silly, Bob Boyd, Lorraine, Gary, Katherine, Richard and many many more, met some new friends even…, it was really great to see them all.
Sadly, I did feel like I disapointed them, so, I am currently burning a dvd copy whereby the film starts right off and loops forever!
So, the ancestors willing and the ocean don’t rise. we will be looping it at Our Place maybe saturday?  Monday am?  ANyone can ask and watch.
We will do this Screening again so, if you missed it today, no worry’s we all did!
in solidarity and persistant as hell,
kym hothead hines