I am a visitor in Lkwungen Territory from Red River Cree Territory.

We here in Victoria and Canada are divided and ruled by the queen of England.

We here in Victoria and Canada are divided and ruled by the queen of England.

Our prime minister’s have shaken hands with the queen of England, maybe a king although I don’t think there has been one for quite some time.

Cruiser drives through...
Cruiser drives through…


IMG_3244Some time back William of Orange shook hands with England royalty and went over to Ireland on behalf of England to attain and hold land that they get to have, be a little lord of some other land.

They got Irish land for personal use as long as they helped to squelch any rebellions in Ireland.  Orange men helped squelch the metis rebellion, remember?

That is their use in a divided and ruled colonial system.  The middle class has an important role in this class horror we live in.  Please go to:


and check out a local recent example of how the middle class and home owners get protection from police but we the poor do not.  Why?  As the officer explains it:

“People who own a house, condo or an apartment pay the police wage.”  The police defend property of the owning class.  If one property owner screams loud enough, the system of power will listen.  I know of quite a few property owners, you need to not only scream but scream louder than the 1%.  If you worked with us, the renters who pay your way through an easier existence really, together we can makes some noise.  Why wait?  Now is the time.

Currently, we the poor help many middle class children go to university and not pay outrageous student loans like us poor do.  The middle class currently benefit from the divide and rule system.  Any middle class or otherwise who wants to radically change this system in order to make it a healthy one for us all, those who are burnt out almost like those of us poor front line workers/activist’s: they need to come to terms with their role in holding up the very system they want to take down and radically change.

They, like us, are stuck in a system unhealthy from the zoning bylaws for housing to the so-called judicial system, which serves the queen of England currently.  Divide and rule; make miserable and have the carrots always dangling over bodies stressed from every day life.

Remember, any good ideas that come out of our social justice/radical community is taken over by a sick colonial system.  Best current example is the Good Neighbor Agreement Movement.  The idea came from social justice/radical community and was intended to be inclusive of homeless people.  It is currently being used as a form of social control.

We are in a mess and the eyes of the world are more and more upon us.

From the new movie The House I Live In that deals with the reality of the war on drugs and our need to look at the possibility that social agencies are used to not only funnel folks into rehab and temporary programs and temporary housing, they also funnel folks into a Judicial system and the Prison Industrial Complex.


The Globe and Mail recently ran an article pointing out the numbers of deaths we had in a three-month period in 2012.

We still wait to hear word of how some of our family actually died and why?  It takes a university law group to get the attention to the Canadian public at large.  It took us as activist’s screaming while grieving with voices quaking no time to get word out then it took beurocracy and mass media like the Globe and mail.  This is but one example of why we of middle, working and poor class burn out and are grieved and stressed in our hearts and souls.  Our hearts are indeed dragging on the ground, in my opinion.

Many people on many levels have been aware and working painstakingly on this very issue and look at how long it took folks to get the attention of Globe and Mail?  Thank you UVIC law people!   Now what?  What are the risk’s we are willing to take to end needless suffering?

Taking The Fall And Rising is but one example of a much bigger picture of real people of many classes who care to make change and risk speaking out and witnessing.  Many are still frightened and hold back for fear of retaliation.

Courage builds as we take risks and learn we actually have way more supporters then we ever imagined.  We thot we were alone, we are not.

Watch for local showings like the UVIC March 23 Harry Hickman 7pm showing, meet at bus loop in uvic if you want to be walked over: bus tickets available.  Come and get involved in the project our feature film invites you to be involved in.   You can also enjoy the Speakers Corner Short up NOW on our youtube account. The DVD with both films will be dropped off any day now to Our Place for viewings on the large TV in the drop in downstairs.  Just ask Gail with enough notice. Big heart felt thank you to Lorraine and her family!  Your story is powerful and inspiring, the art I Don’t Want To Play House is currently at Camas Books on Quadra in the Village.

Go to ctehv.wordpress.com and check out our THAW page and my blog.  Please comment.

You can also go to thawVictoria on youtube and subscribe; we are getting busy with our Advocacy Watch human rights watch aspect of our Transform Homelessness Advocacy Watch Project.

The film is just one part folks.  We are off and running.

Please, help keep an eye out for each other and help with conflicts when you can.

We are also planning an action for May 1st.   CTEHV promises art and creativity around issues of Good Neighbor Agreement and Housing, please keep your ears to the ground with eyes and heart open.

in solidarity

kym hothead hines

This article is dedicated to a warrior friend named Silly, hang in there sister! You rock the socks off the hawks!  Always remember that!  May you and all the other amassing family members who are homeless, may you all be safe and know you are loved and held in high regard by many.