I found common themes running through like strong threads that seem to be holding up this community.

We three were about to go out on a walk about.

I would learn what it means that everyone has a place in production.

I respectfully and often in fear of police retaliation would bare witness with heart open and lens present while stories unfolded.  I often put camera down to protect our homeless family and kept folks out or hid their identities.  Many thawVictoria police shorts we had support from the street by then to film the police interacting with them as we gained trust over many years together.

Housed, unhoused, those who fear homelessness and those who prefer it to the current abusive greed driven society began weaving a complex story with simple solutions.  Getting the will power with the common person, now that is tough.

I with camera witnessed passionate strong community, wounded and dealing with pain, under constant attack and yet  “they seem to have more community than housed people.”

Naomi North / Stuart Hertzog (two housed individuals who do not know each other)

“If I were prime minister I would rip the Mental Health Act right our of the book.  Its done nothing but hurt me.”

Christopher from Taking The Fall and Rising

“How do we teach our children about bullying when we have a police force that is run rampant with it?  I would never tell my grandchildren to go to a police for help, cause I see how they treat the homeless or, people they don’t like.”

debie O’Connell from Taking The Fall and Rising

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