Published on Dec 5, 2012/Updated Dec.7th,
Residents LOVE THEIR HOMES at View Towers. They want to live with dignity. Residents even recently since this footage went public have been threatened with “at least your rent has not gone up!”. Tenants have the right to have a healthy stairwell by having it cleaned daily: A right to Security by having security going up and down stairs floor to floor as SOME SECURITY do. A basic right to have heat that is consistant.
The housed and privileged Community of Victoria and the City of Victoria under Dean Fortin can help fight for affordable housing NOW. Together the residents, management and owners can come to an agreement on these issues. Given that tenants, including myself, have presumably been paying for sauna and whirlpool fee’s, over the years those fee’s add up! How about that money be used to insure the above needs be taken care of and this amasing community of people who have the right to dignity and security and health in terms of the home they LOVE are responded to in a timely manner. May residents begin to write letters and keeping copy’s of those letters. This video proves that IS important.
A resident at View Towers called me, kym hothead and asked for THAW to come and film five residents who wanted to go to management and ask:
Why does the Times Columnist have an ad suggesting that View Towers has a sauna and whirlpool when the FACT is that neither has worked for 6 years? Also, for a few years before that it was hit and miss due to constant repair.
Why has the roof NOT BEEN RE INSULATED since 6 years ago the insulation was taken out due to repair?
Please listen to us as we are aware that the new heating system WILL NOT WORK due to NO INSULATION ON ROOF makes it hard maybe to control the heat OR View Towers management is actually turning off heat in hallway up on 19?
When I arrived, the five of us went down only to find the manager not there.
We went back the next day, two were able to attend on such short notice.
I have to apologize for the bad camera work, my eyes and my disability got in the way, no excuse just fact, as a result, when I thot camera was ON it was actually OFF and OFF when it was actually ON.
Therefore I had a lot of editing to do in order to respect the boundary that the manager had immediately which was “GET OUT” and “SHUT UP” and “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE HERE.” I did have a right to be there as I was asked to help document the concerns being brought up as people felt their concerns were being ignored.
I end up giving feedback and state that the concerns need to be written down and copy’s made and copy’s passed around to other tenants so all residents know.
Steve shares more one on one later,
The next day we here the Ad was changed the next day, the part about a sauna and whirlpool was removed.