July 26th CIty Wide Housing March Vancouver BC on VIMEO

Here is the link to VIMEO:


and their own introduction:

The housing crisis has never been worse in Vancouver – the year 2014 marks the largest homeless population ever recorded in the our city’s history.

here is a video report of July’s Housing march, told by Tracey Morrison, president of WAHRS (Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society).

The march was Organized by: VANDU Education Group
Endorsed by: BC Social Housing Alliance, Raise the Rates BC, Streams of Justice, Rising Tide, DTES United, Save Heather Place, Left Front, Carnegie Community Action Project, The Mainlander, No One is Illegal, Pivot Legal, PACE, SWUAV, Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society – WAHRS, BC Association of People on Methadone, SNAP, EIDGE, DTES Neighbourhood Council, Cinema Politica (UBC), UBC Sociology Students’ Association, Downtown East Village Pride, Alliance for People’s Health, Philippine Women Centre BC, Our Community Our Plan! (Grandview-Woodlands), Sanctuary Health, Aboriginal Front Door

Find the whole communiqué here : themainlander.com/2014/07/25/july-26-city-wide-housing-march/


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Tomatoes, Cabbage, Teachers and Picket Lines.

I am a visitor in Lkwungen WSANEC territories from Red River Cree Territory, I am Acadian and Metis.



Hello folks and friends.  My daughter and I went to a CUPE Strike Line in Support of teachers.  We brought food from our garden and love from our hearts for their fight against a NEO LIBERAL government who has gone too far.  WHere is CHristi CLark you ask?  MAking deals with BIG Oil and Fracking and Mining and other resource extraction plans while our children and families suffer.  Christi hangs carrots for us to grab at like the 40 dollar a day for helping US get thru this strike that CHRISTI CLARK HELPED PREPARE THE WAY FOR 12 years ago when she attacked class composition and class sizes.

DO NOT believe the hype lies she weaves in media, badly at that however, it does confuse the heck outa us all eh?

Teachers cannot educate us but the Government can LIE?  WTF?

ALl of us have a place in production and I for one want to help encourage as many as possible to educate ourselves about facts.

WHere are the web sites that show FACTS?  SInce the media lies and teachers can’t do it, what are we waiting for?  I think the time is now, do what you do best and give that to community, before its too late.

We must not allow this government to break this union friends and that is indeed what CHristi wants.  Her children are in school, poverty pimps with triple digit incomes might not feel be feeling this strike that bad yet, but the rest of us sure are eh?

This DIVIDE AND RULE system wants us fighting like dogs over scraps they throw at us.  Lets not lower ourselves.  Yes, go for that 40 dollars a day (you won’t get till AFTER teachers go back to school???)  many are and why not, we need what ever we can get BUT, DO something to help educate yourself rather than being tossed to and fro like waves in the ocean with LIES spun by corporate owned media, the likes of which LOVE Big Oil, Fracking and Mining.  YES there is more than oil and gas and mining.  

One step at a time, get out there now though, this is our opportunity to have these discussions on pickets lines with folks fighting now, now is the time, in solidarity with all working people past and present.

I for one get NO support from government as a PWD for helping raise my daughter since I can only have her about 40% of the time due to my limitations with my disability. I am punished.   I am not under anyones thumb directly so therefore do not qualify for poverty pimping “managed case” housing.  I have said no to psychiatry and psychiatric meds due to my INABILITY to use them without getting ill as I have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, environmental sensitivities, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, IBS and use herbalism and all natural sources of help this powerful earth has shared to help heal me.  I am in community housing I keep full with no money for property managing.  I do however have the choice of who I live with.  I pay too much rent.  I will not rest till this power over colonial system is shifted to one WE the People will lead in every area/location there are people who want health, who want a healthier education system that does not reeducate the lies colonialism teaches our children.  We want relationships across differences, we do!  It is what will save us, true diversity.

Dream and have visions, don’t just sit on your butt waiting for a saviour, YOU are the one you have been waiting for.  We all have a place in production in COMMUNITY, what is yours?  If you don’t know ask your friends what you are good at and GO FOR IT.  Make change, or others will and you will have no say.  

Respect and in Solidarity, Peace is TImes of War…

Kym Hotead



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The Middle Class is Crumbling

I saw quite a few facebook post’s that state the need to support something or other in order to support and save and maintain the middle class. Wait a minute, what did I just hear you say blatantly?  Please know; You are but a pawn, just as often miserable and sick and often many of you end up homeless. I personally and politically want to make it better for all of us, all of Life. Yes, to save the planet, its our job after all, am I right?  We need equity.

The middle class is crumbling, that is part of the colonial “power over” dominant systemic plan, it brings middle class to their knee’s. Brings them back to a keen awareness of need and dependency upon a master.  Let it crumble.

The middle class can smell failure close to them like a rotting corpse. Falling. Homeless. Prison. Death. Fear is what keeps colonial system going, fear feeds this death system.

We can use fear as a powerful source of change. It can make us angry and want to defend, that is a natural response. Its in our blood to defend against intruders.  We can also be suckers and take jobs ion policing and death industry’s.  Try and ignore.  Can’t do that anymore though folks, its beyond that now, this IS global.

Many of us are aware of how colonialism’s death kapitalism is dead, it has failed and “We Have Won”.

In order to collect our prize, our trophy, we must surrender to the much-needed death of this colonial power over system of control, a complete change must occur and only unity will bring it about.

No matter where you are in this class system, which level/class, whether or not you have “opted out” which only means you are living a lie, an illusion, you believe you are not a part of this mess, you somehow seem to think its ok to ride it out, stick with close peeps and pretty much do nothing to make any significant change. Not an option anymore.

Some of you, well, many of us take jobs in oil and gas cause, well, what else are you gonna do right?

Its really about getting all Fight Club (minus the bombs cause they SUCK) and be like “Wow, I heard folks are fighting today in Fort McMurray, and they are saying NO NO NO NO MORE TAR SANDS!!!  Some of us ( I worked front line poverty pimping for years) take jobs in huge money sucking poverty pimping organisations which get FULL government support for the very reason they are poverty pimping. ie: getting more jobs to a middle class and upwardly mobile working class to try and save the poor.  YET never insure Social Housing is BUILT.  I am going to a national end homelessness convention and I do not see one presentation or workshop on GETTING HOMES BUILT, SOCIAL HOUSING BUILT, CONDO’S SHARE 1% TO SOCIAL HOUSING.  Not surprising though eh?

So many great ideas about how to get homes built, work with developers, look at Taking The Fall and Rising, a film I am proud to have been the filmmaker for, our CTEHV work and supported by VIPIRG and Media Net.  We know we can suport a Safe Consumption SIte and a Tent City, IF we chose this.

When the time is right we will know, now, “NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN THE FIGHT AND WALK AWAY!”  Its different for everyone and yet, it always seems its a movement that gains and one day folks say “enough!”.

We do not need to blow shit up, we need to step up, use our beliefs and our bodies to walk off jobs at critical times, put our beliefs on the line and Fight for Life and all of our future’s, we must.  No?

I am NOT about saving the middle class, are you serious? Wake up people, we do not need a middle class we need to get rid of these power over dominant systems and ALL ITS MESS including the belief in the need for a middle class! We NEED equity training! We need Anti oppression training and reeducation, De colonisation re education all over in schools and community centers, church’s and library’s.

China was told in our recent past “Let us Kapitalist’s help better your economic system and raise up 1/3rd for your population to the middle class which will help significantly…BLAH BLAH BLAH – MORE LIES AND BROKEN PROMISES INSERTED HERE by Kapitalist hell bent on filling their own pockets and living the Big Lie!”

It has not worked for the Orange Scottish in Northern Ireland; it will not work for anyone! Hello, Orange people are still having to be haters, born and raised, living in another persons land and shitting on their ancestors and thinking they got the “RIGHT” to do so cause an occupying force of English in their own lands tells them so, grants them the fake grossly abused power to be bullies basically.

It never worked!

Divide and rule is kicking all of our assess and we got to get some unity.

“WE ALL HAVE A PLACE IN PRODUCTION.” That is an IWW saying, Industrial Workers of the World.

Check out a great film on youtube:


“I am a citizen of Industry.” That is a quote from an IWW member who was in jail, when asked what country they were citizens of, this is what they would answer.

We all had a land or people and its all being shit on by greed systems all over. These systems are based upon colonial systems that teach entitlement, greed and arrogance. It’s a top down unnatural system which breeds hatred due to all the inherent violence, rape and murder of land and Life.

Its like we are in an Ice Age and NEED TO ACT!

This Power over system is so fucked up one can write volumes on this topic alone (many volumes have been written; one can read Arundhati Roy, Noam Chompsky, Emma Goldma just for a start. , If we could many of us would write books, alas, we are all but slaves to English imperialism. We each have a horror story, that is what we have in common.

We all keep the unhealthy system moving forward believing “we are the one’s” who will use it to change it, we will live in this middle class and change it from within, a liberal idea that does not work. Never has. Look around and find poverty, racist sexist policy’s, all from colonial capitalist greed systems. Its see’s only itself.

It can’t see past its own nose.

Stop, drop and roll baby, we are on fire and got to make some change nOW or we are fucked.

Complete and utter change needs to occur and we have got to get our hands on some dreaming/visioning/doing!

I want Social Housing Now! YOU never know when a car will hit you and boom, you are in need of social housing within a few short years.

Health crisis is the number one reason for bankruptcy in amerikkka. THINK about it please.

Raging Grannies ask new grannies wanting to join thm this question:

What are you willing to risk arrest for? Ask yourself that question now before its too late, you may need to give it some thought given the current state of affairs.

Many of us may not reach our eighty’s or seventy’s or sixty’s….


Kym Hothead

Insert beautiful powerful in your face artistic poster here with homes and organic gardens and beautiful public space!

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Support Teachers Not LNG, Destructive Mining and Fracking.

My daughter and I went to the Legislature today to support teachers and I was happy to see how many folks came, many tables with things like apples and petitions, there was also a children’s area, great activities and folks calling for us to stand up and fight for our rights to a healthy education system!  

It was great to see the many families, individuals, many union representatives like CUPE of course, Cowichan District Teachers Association, and more who came out!  Check out the photo’s below:

IMG_1441 IMG_1442

IMG_1459 IMG_1460

IMG_1461 IMG_1457

IMG_1453 IMG_1450


Hotheads opinion: If you would have just listened to Jim Sinclair you’d think he was only speaking for and to “working people” and “working people’s kids”, not the likes of us who used to be working people who are now on disability.  Just saying Jim and other union folks: “education is for ALL CITIZENS OF BC and CANADA not just those who happen to be able to work jobs currently (given many jobs are so destructive, we need to rethink “jobs and work”) .  It is divisive to speak in such a way, its narrow and not realistic.  

I was also not surprised that Jim Sinclair said nothing about LNG or Fracking and how Christy Clark is using OUR money to sell Pipelines and Fracking, that this Liberal Government and federal CONservatives are putting money INTO Fracking as far as Tech Schools , going into First Nations territories and dividing in order to rule, when they should be stopping Fracking all together as far as how dangerous it is to our environment.   Why ask where the money is when we know it goes into the likes of this and destructive Mining practices?  Jim Sinclair also speaks for unions that are about Fracking and Tech schools using money for destructive fracking resource extraction!  Many of us want an end to destructive resource extraction. 


Look at the signs!  If you do not have the strength to speak for all then step aside and let others lead!

So, we were also entertained by musicians who did an amasing job lifting spirits with old union songs, some rewritten for this day!  Raging Grannies came and shared a rewrite of an old classic, sang their song to the crowds applause.

Thank you to all the folks who organised this and I envision many folks fighting for education, its what we need.

Lets see what happens when Christy shows up for work.  Seems that both provincially and city wise these politicians seem to think its ok to take so much time off work, our city councillors supposedly took two months off this last summer and were not at work/in office.  What is up with that?  I don’t think they should get a cheque if they do not show up for work!  What do you think?

We need equity all over folks.   Demand it.

kym hothead



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Ask Hothead (last May)

I think this was maybe published in Streetnewz second to last paper?

Ask Hothead:

“We had that big drug users gathering, and then its same old same old, back to survive, deaths, arrest’s, sickness…rig dig team gone…we are spread out like fuck, I don’t know…its depressing as hell…I don’t know man?
hothead: I hear ya.

“How are we supposed to be “building community” when we are run around by police, we’re trying to eat and just survive?”
hothead: Share and watch each others back.

“There are no homes! Why do they punish people for making our own?” (This was in regards to folks who are camping outside.)
hothead: Because of the colonial divide and rule system we are all skkkooled in, taught in, raised in, policed in, all of us.

“We’re always dealing with so many new faces, and it’s hard to pass on old school when folks are red zoned constantly, its fucking nuts.”
hothead: Your right. We need: a supported VICDUU, a safe consumption site, heath care for all, homes for all, CopWatch and it seems the only ones gonna lead ourselves out of oppressive colonial state is us. Old skool buddy systems; help each other, communicate re: power and equity best we can, our voice will grow as we unite.

“Why aren’t more housed people freaking out? Its all coming to them too, don’t they know that? How are we supposed to live or pay rent on what we all get, we can’t get help unless our files are taken over? And eat at Our Place with the cops? WTF?”
hothead: Privilege’s handed out by corporate and government interests keep us separate and enslaved to oppressive system, vicious cycle only we can stop.
“Why can’t people understand that there are many what do you call it? Mixed race people? Lots of those relationship’s and families…we are fucked every where we go, we have that in common, we form families.”
hothead: Colonial Imperialism is taught in skools to all of us. It breeds ignorance, hatred and is taught thru media and schools. Stigma’s are reinforced daily, its a constant battle and our only ammunition is educating ourselves with De Colinisation and Anti Oppression training.

“Why would we (highly drug involved) get interviewed (for Belfry homeless project)? Why bother? People don’t want to know why we are in and out of jail? They don’t want to know why folks steal shit. Why do you think we weren’t there at opening night? No rest for the wicked eh?”
hothead: You answered your own question.

“Ah, your full of shit, do you really believe this is gonna make a difference? These people don’t care, look at them? Why bother? Been there, done that, what difference did it make?”
(in response to my inviting them up to another ctehv meeting)
hothead: Even though it can feel hopeless, it is not, two lie’s colonialism teaches and reinforces: that we cannot make a difference, and we can only hope.
We have and still can make a difference, we just need community. Kapitalism taught us to expect immediate results: this is a lie. We move forward, we are emotionally a mess and we need to know its better we work and struggle for change than suffer under enslavement to greed. We can at least work for our children’s futures, even if we ourselves cannot experience it now.

Prisoners Justice Day outside Our Place:
“Where were you when I was inside eh? Where are you people when we are inside, who the fuck are you? You ever do time? You people don’t give a shit, fuck off!”
(I stood and listened, Silly stepped in and helped deal with a righteously angry brother.)
“Who is a political prisoner?”
hothead: I invited a local Leonard Peltier
advocate to PJD, when he got up to speak, a group of five or six old skool first nations folks I hecka respect walked away, gave us every non verbal communication stating loudly “fuck you”. I would learn that many first nations who are punished by the colonial state daily, within their own occupied territories, feel judged, notice who is NOT fighting for them, the judgment upon them as they are not seen as the political prisoners they are when in and out of jail due to criminalization of our first nations people’s by the colonial occupying state!

“Why are violent repeat sex offenders left to their own devices, ignored by kops? Why?”
hothead: Divide and rule create rat systems. Police are also directed to be busy with drug and alcohol involved cases, its bad leadership basically. We need to Unite.
We could unite to end unnecessary violence by holding power trippers accountable and get help to do so! We could.
Some could go to pipeline defender camps and those who cannot stay in cities and demand housing and a guaranteed livable income now!
We won’t leave till demands are met, period.

I am 52, I have been in community living since sobriety in my early 20’s. I can honestly say we are fckd. I have joined an active Social Housing Now BC Group: also joined a social justice spiritual community, the First Unitarian Universalist congregation. That is just how bad it truly is. Our front line communities need help, need continuity. We are scattered like sand in a windstorm. We are either 9-5 workers who have a tight inner circle impenetrable by others and can be seen at meetings, protests, workshops and rally’s and / or: others who are in this 24 7, learning thru desperation why unity is critical, honesty a must and healthy boundaries and allies to reinforce them necessary. Those of us who have no blood ties, no blood family close by and some no contact at all with blood family, you say make your own community. You just “help” and go away constantly. In older pagan and first nations communities’ folks were cared for or sent out, at least a decision was made, folks acknowledged.
We have many single moms who struggle and have to deal with restraining orders, colonial PATRIARCHAL BS basically, it breaks up communities when men are left and not held accountable while men go home and avoid, stay safe, not really an ally.
We learn and move forward, that is what we do.
Folks are left behind all the time, many are disassociated so badly that, over time their social skills falter more and more as social space is so unhealthy. Where is the resistance to this avoidance of kkkonflicts? The solidarity we need to see is a slow train coming friends, but as each of us gets educated more and more around facts of the need of de colinisation and an education about reality security culture and why we need our own, we grow and unite.
No continuity in sight except that which we offer. We have needed a Cop Watch for years and no plans in site. Most students and housed come and go and we are left standing in a community that has more funerals than I can express here. We are in a war zone 24 7 and there is no rest. Many like me have no stable housing for so long our emotional states are stressed over the max.
I succumbed to this vision to keep me going: I knew I would do more outreach as I got more disabled. That sadly is not the case. I envisioned living in a winterized camper home with a bike attachment of some sort for day-to-day outreach, as my daughter goes out into the world more, I will as well. I still have 8 years to find that healthy home on wheels, lots of time. I need a plan because neither the government nor general society has a plan. Nothing in site but cutting social housing, coops ending, community living under attack, farms under attack, Safe Consumption Sites under attack, …, …, !
As long as I have a dream and a vision I do not get lost in this systemic depression.
In ending:
Here and there is the middle class doing what they can for a future. Trying desperately to save air, water, trees and land, money, vacation time, education for children, get all the bills paid, the list goes on, they are one busy managerial group working away on behalf of colonial divide and rule class system while trying to end unhealthy system:. The working class are also feeding into a system with little to no fight back when under attack by corporate and governmental destructive policy’s, carrots are dangled to each generation in order to keep destructive system going. This colonial attack affects us all generationally. Just look at Albert Gerow, Phil Fontaine and many other First Nations lining up with many ignorant non-natives for destructive jobs. They are all lost to arrogant greed, not listening to all of their people. In every community we must ask ourselves how are we fighting for what is important? How will we make a difference for poor and disenfranchised in all of our communities?
There is not much more for me to say. I have let friends and family know I am going to help stop the pipelines and support First Nations defenders.
I would like a family focused course on defending pipelines and what to expect.
Prayers to all my ancestors and all my relations for strength and safety to all defenders their families and communities. Squatter’s peace. Prisoner’s rights: safety and freedom for all political prisoners including all drug and alcohol non-violent crimes.

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Raging Grannies and Inger. Thetis Lake 2014

Had such a great time with Inger Kronseth, her dear friend Alison Acker and Alisons dear friend Ellen.  We went to Thetis Lake and the three of them brightened up the beach!

what a treat.  Mom’s the word regarding the swim in lake…Inger is 91 and, is who she is: A Raging Granny Who Will Not Stop Till SHe Drops!

You can go to our thawvictoria youtube account and listen to Inger share a story about being in the Resistance during the 2nd WOrld War. go to:

What an inspiration, we can all plan for this you know.  To have friends around so that we can care for each other.










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Residents of Oppenheimer Park issue Eviction Notice to the City of Vancouver!


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