Fixing Bikes and Advocacy WAtch

GOod morning.  I was reminded this am of two things.  One, we all have a place in production.  Two, that we are desperate for an Advocacy WAtch.

I was on me porch when I heard a neighbour family heading out for day, middle boys bike broke.  I got up and thot I might help as it seemed the chain had simply come off.

As it turned out, I needed a wrench and to loosen a few things to get it unstuck.  Was so great to help them out so that they cold be on their way again.  I was so so happy to be able to fix this child’s bike, I am still aglow.

I know them well and this mom is an amasing mom with great security culture, matches my own.  I say that because of a story she told me which upset me.

So, while the little fellow is trying out his bike she tells me someone called the cops on her!  I was like “What?  You?”  She was at a park, maybe oaklands area, and there are adjoining parks beside each other attached by grass.  Her wee one in in a bike trailer which is locked to bike and bike is locked, baby was sleeping so, she went to get other one, had a clear view of her carriage and baby, anyone got too close, this woman can run and you do NOT want to get in her way, ok?

So, I guess she noticed folks walking kind of by her bike and baby, all was well nas they kept walking, so she thot.  They called the cops on her.  OMFG!?  People have asked me why do I think we need an advocacy watch when we have cop blocks and neighbourhood watch and the like.

Well, Advocacy WAtch helps empower power to be brave and move past their stigma’s and learn how to resolve conflicts and learn when to call police.  This was completely unwarranted in every way, except this woman called the cops!

In this case, these people could have simply went over to mom, whom they knew where she was since the complaint to cops was that “mom was too far away from her baby…”.

So, these folks wasted the tax payers money and the cops time, they could have asked mom them selves.  Advocacy WAtch is about folks everywhere looking out for one another, get to know one another and build community which is right around you/us.  Why not just trust she is on it and help watch her back for her?  Or, go to her kindly and with concern and share your concerns.  I know she would have calmed your concerns.

We must learn to deal with our own conflicts citizens, we give far too much power to police state which is ruled by Neo CONservative’s currently in Canada aka Kanada aka First Nations Land.  Neo Liar Liberals also seem fine with Prison Industrial COmplex.  Its a lobby which see’s us a slaves, resources is the new word for us.  The potential for us to have to go to one of these jails due to minimal sentencing CONservative’s and the like are PUSHING RIGHT NOW as Texas and the like try and get rid of them as they DO NOT WORK!  They know that now but, the Prison Industrial COmplex is selling to us here thru Harperite’s and the like.

This kind of system encourages bullying.  We give our power away, this is not good folks. Bully’s learn this too and find ways to get power, we are all in power struggles of some kind when you think of it, playing a game of power.

Game of thrones in our day to day lives.Folks sadly give their power away over years and generations.  We are however waking up socially so, its just a matter of time we all get this.

This mom is amasing and dealt with it all well and, what a sad reminder of our community, no one knows each other cause most do NOT want to know others, prefer to keep that distance with the charity mind or down right judgemental and punitive like those I know who pushed for the by law to remove campers from the tent city on Pandora Green/Harris Green a few years ago.

Can we change?  Can we save ourselves and help each other, experience unity in community?  We shall see.  Its only a matter of time.

kym hothead hines

ps: not to mention the guy who ended up on another  neighbours stairs and was cowering from another guy on the sidewalk waiving a bat yelling “don’t you EVER come back here again!”  Yes, police were called as kids were around and, guy who was cowering talked to 911 rudely then yelled at the operator and threw phone back into house walking off…he was confused and high.  Smart of family not to let person in, you never know what he is carrying or why a fellow is chasing him with a bat.  Good call.  Asked him if he wanted to call 911, after operator answered, they gave him the phone.  End of story.

Police called back and spoke to household parent, they said “it might have been a con..”.  Hmmm?  Folks assumed drug related conflict.  I agreed.  Unless you know of a con like this going on?


stay safe, get to know your neighbours…reach out.

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Colonial system dictates whom you’ll sit beside in school and that will often determine who your best friends will be.

Proximity affects our life in the most peculiar ways in colonial social divide and rule systems.

What is my proximity to you the reader?

What is your proximity to say, a poor street involved illicit drug user in their fifty’s?

What is your proximity to a church going Christian? What is your proximity to a Muslim family?

Anti oppression workshops and decolonisation training will help us understand our place, our proximity to each other.

It’s why it’s a great practice to really listen when we meet new folks, especially to the messaging in in our heads. We can even begin to do this with each other in the day to day as practice.

Identify and deal with these taught fears, judgments and desire’s to be punitive so we can grow. We are taught abuse of power, capitalism is more important that anything, men are better than women, for some reason, this colonial system actually teaches us that whites, colonially ruled to be specific, whites are better, smarter etc. than any other people of color on the planet. The school system teaches this still. Irish are white and oppressed by an English Colonial system and yet, they were “other” and not accepted as a white race by the colonist’s of England until late 1800’s, still Irish fight for their rights to be Irish.

Yet, this belief exist’s, racism, what it is is those in power are white, coincidinky but true, this colonial system is based in power, power is money so, resource extraction has always been their goal.

Those in each colonised conquered land seems to have an easy sell out to the conquerer people, manager types. Orange people are the Scottish version of it, specifically the Williamof Orange folks who went over to Ireland for the English in order to gain some land, since the English just took theirs and so on…

Whew! It’s a mouth full isn’t it?

The Orange still march in Northern Ireland every year; Inciting hatred towards the Irish. Sad really, a birth right of sorts for the new generations of Scottish orange families in Northern Ireland.

What is the lens in which we look at a person? Lets for a moment consider a lens represents each of the following, what lens to we wear without thinking regarding: Racism? Classism? Sexism? Those three are a great place to start in our retraining our minds to be open.

There are many lens and, once we do the work necessary to unlearn colonial divide and how it affects our lives in terms of what is available, what is within reach, within our proximity, once we begin to do what seems arduous, we quickly experience the benefits and, want to keep moving forward on this new journey of discovery right around us in the people we often walk by hurriedly.

We must first admit our common problem.

A system of divide filled with judgment which try’s to disempower us or fool us into believing we have choice or freedom when we do not exercise it, like how we have a right to protest and yet do not when so many suffer endless unnecessary pain! Many fear police brutality or not getting jobs in the future or worse, losing a job they have. That is how oppressed we are which reflects how bad this system is. We call that free?

The rain hits my back deck cover and, I think its time to go inside. In ending, a woman I know just shared with me on my way home: she will be homeless tomorrow.   Somehow a file was formed with Streets to Homes program and she is really pissed! Her whole system of payment for things like drug store fee’s has been messed with and now homeless tomorrow as they were unable to find her a spot. For whatever reason, she is in this bad predicament and, homeless is what she will be tomorrow. Its just not right.

We need Social Housing built now. Please help with that so that other folks might have proximity to a covered back porch in the rain.


kym hothead hines

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Inger’s Birthday is Saturday!

SHe will be 93.  I am honored to be able to go and visit her on that special day.  She is getting closer to that Blue Road, closer to her death.  I am honoured to have known her and that my daughter has gotten to know her as well.

Here is a youtube link to my youtube page, her video lies within:

What a hera!

kym hothead

ps: If you have anything you want to share with her on her birthday, I am happy to pass it on.  respect and in honour of an amasing lived life, inspiring!

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We All Have A Place In Production.

This goes out to Kim and Larry!

We all not only have a right to exist, we have a responsibility to. Life depends on us and we can often still feel it on a cellular basis.

This system we happen to all be born into locally to myself, lies about death and teaches lies, the system lies about a lot of things so, on we go changing system where ever and when ever we can. That is politicizing the personal.

Personalizing the political is when I see where this messed up system affects me directly and see if I like it or not.   Maybe I will have to change something or add to something? Its not always my fault or my idea but, it is my responsibility to make a decision to make an effort to effect healthy change in my life and the lives of others around me.

There have been many things that helped me deal with depression about system and its ill affects thrown upon us seemingly for some, at every turn. For me I realized it’s all about Proximity really, when it comes to Divide and Rule Colonialism, which we strive under the reign of.

I want to focus here on how system wants us all to just get a diagnosis, take some pills and get out of the way of its own progress. Wants for us, depends upon us to go over and over an event and be stuck and need more pills. If it were not for the fact I cannot do most pharmaceuticals, I’d be on them myself.   I also know folks who get a lot of relief from prescriptions and I do not judge them.

System judges and punishes. Simple. We are taught to judge and be punitive. When we are taught otherwise, its outside of system we learn love and compassion. Or, like me I not only had a great mom who helped me fine-tune my ethics, I also took anti oppression 101. I was privileged really to be a part of the beginnings of this woman of color led trainings. I am happy to have a roommate currently who is enacting these early teachings. I went thru an extra one year of sessions we called Continuing The Dialogue, that went in depth into colonial divide and rule, how to identify then heal and make it the lens we see thru. The Political is Personal and the Personal is Political. I hear more folks saying that again and I love it!

I am inspired by how many in my greater community share and feel deeply about life. It’s refreshing. To say the least, but, to go on…

Getting beyond the personal and seeing the big picture helps me not feel lost or that no one can understand. We get thru with others what we suffer in silence and alone. On the other hand, becoming separated from emotional process is not healthy and politics can do that. The political is personal so we need to stay in touch with the day-to-day real life and political affects on our personal lives and the lives of those most affected by harsh social policies.

I am grateful for my hugely diverse community, which grows yearly. I am grateful for those who work past their own patronizing discomforts and identify them as colonial rooted and divisive in its purpose and move towards me thru that great chasm of divide and we connect. It’s like Whoosh!

Proximity is an important concept to ponder within a divisive system such as this one. Who is around you most of the time? Do most folks look like you and come from a similar place or, do you reach out beyond comfort zones and really allow new friends to flourish?   Where are you allowed to congregate? Can you just meet up at any park and not get asked by police why you are there? If so, that is a privilege, especially if you are visibly poor, homeless or street involved.

We all suffer. We have all had to learn to deal in order to move forward in our lives. All of our ancestors made it through an Ice Age!

Some events and people will always be a part of our lives and influence us. Its ok, we can be injured and move forward at the same time.

I have not been surprised in a long time by people’s story’s, met so many folks who felt safe to share old injury’s with me. I felt privileged. Then I filmed Taking The Fall and Rising. I have had to be reminded of all the basics. This system creates unnecessary pain and suffering and if we but focused a wee bit of our time and attention every month to changing this system to a healthier one, we will do so.

It will be diverse as we are diverse.   The more we learn about anti oppression 101 and decolonizing training, the better off we will be. It helps prepare and deal with the process of learning why life seems so unnecessarily hard. That was because it is built on a system to insure it is unnecessarily hard on certain people until it is so for most.

Then the money leaves till resources get going again and they come back like the scavengers they are. Until we take the reigns now, so to speak (I am a cowboy deep down) and we keep doing what ever it is we are doing to help make this world the one we want to live in.

I use the term about “we all have a place in production and want to give credit where credit is due:

Please enjoy The Wobblies Full Length Movie with great old footage!

kym hothead hines

Photo on 2012-04-03 at 23.58

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VANDU’s open letter in support of the residents of Oppenheimer Park

Go To:

to read article and see web site.


“Today Vision Vancouver issued another eviction notice to the residents of the Oppenheimer Park Tent City. This will be the third official eviction notice delivered to the campers since July. For months VANDU members have supported, lived at, and been involved in the Oppenheimer Tent City. The following is an open letter issued by the VANDU Tuesday Education Group.

Over the course of the past ten years, hundreds of our members have been homeless, precariously housed, or in living conditions with severely inadequate health and safety standards. Each year the housing situation continues to worsen, and this year marks the highest recorded homelessness count in Vancouver’s history. The housing crisis has never been worse, and our organization stands at ground zero of the crisis. It is therefore both our first instinct and our deepest obligation to stand in solidarity with all campers in the Oppenheimer Park Tent City.

In mid-July, 2014, a small group of homeless residents initiated a self-organized tent city in Oppenheimer Park. The campers were immediately presented with a series of eviction notices from the City of Vancouver Parks Board. On July 20th, 2014, the Indigenous leadership of the tent city issued a counter-eviction, with a formal letter to the City of Vancouver asserting “Aboriginal Title.” The camp has since housed the house-less, expanding to its current size of 100 tentsand providing a community of refuge from the isolating and marginalizing effects of the housing crisis. It has also become a space for the mostly Indigenous residents for political organizing, community and self-empowerment.”

Go To:

To See More.

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Here’s An Idea Re: Social Housing Now:

I am going to strongly suggest that our CTEHV be the group which bottom lines the Social Housing Now Campaign in Viktoria.

We can discuss the actions, leafleting campaigns and election plans regularly in our new sweet meeting spot at Sands Funeral Home starting October 1st; this way we can have a focal point and move forward with this great campaign.  Our minutes are public on we have our website here, there’s my blog and so so many groups came to the first meet up we had at the welfare office two years ago now, when Social Housing Now folks journeyed to our Island.

We are the leaders we have been waiting for so, yeah.  I am meeting with developers within a working group, off shoot of ctehv, to bring forward the idea of Social Housing getting a percentage of condominiums.  The time is now, we must lead.

I am honoured to go to the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness National Conference on Ending Homelessness as a Lived Experience Scholarship recipient.  I want to make the most out of this fact so am preparing to bring many leaflets, do creative educating and sharing and network around Social Housing Now initiatives as well as Condo’s having a percentage go to Social Housing Now NOW!  The solution to homelessness is a complete change in the economic system, in the meantime, permanent social housing homes as well as all kings of affordable housing must be built to help prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place. In the meantime this economic system continues to create unnecessary pain and suffering.

Vancouver is leading in the Social Housing Now campaign from whence it started.  I look forward to working with them more as we move forward with a renewed creative energy.


kym hothead hines


PS: We Are Still Missing This beautiful Red Baner, Can U Help Us Get It FOr Actions Up And Coming?  In the meantime ALison Acker is working hard at making another!  Grateful!

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DArk Night of the Soul, (or “day before welfare” cheques)

Last night was “dark night of the soul” for many.
Imagine now many of those feel the need to” get out”. SOme of us have been isolating for a week, some two, some three.
Government cheques, the never enuff system called payday by many is in hours.
As usual tonight you will hear more sirens. I try and practice mindfulness in the buddhist style.

I can safely say after 10 years of practice, I am still working on it.Photo on 2012-08-12 at 12.52

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