Brisbane Blacks Protest British Royal Family Visit

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Australia Royal Welcome 1 “It is only through the Royal Family’s false and illegal claim of sovereignty over this continent that the Federal, State and Territory governments derive their authority to pass laws and enforce them.  Give back what you stole.  Our sovereignty has never been ceded!” – Wayne Wharton (Kooma)

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Key native group in Northern B.C. threatens to stop talks on pipelines

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Klamath Tribal Members Protest “Celebratory” Signing of Agreement‏


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Informative Presentation by Rebecca Gill plus Social Housing Now Updates.

Imagepolice at Our Place in Dining Hall. (above)


IMG_0950Police at Our Place often like this day. (above)



Copsickles leaving Our Place courtyard to go over and stalk the welfare line up down the street. (above)

Tonight at the CTEHV meeting Rebecca Gill presented her findings, kind of a report back,  regarding police presence in other front line organisations as compared to Our Place, CTEHV spurred this on due to constant complaints about infringements of our rights after changes at Our Place a few short years ago now like the introduction of the so called Good Neighbour Agreement (Pandora GNA).   We are most grateful for her hard work and dedication.  It is clear that she did indeed find many great examples which we will happily bring forward to Our Place.

The pamphlet she put together is entitled:

Challenging Police Presence In Our Place.  It covers a lot like Police Presence: Power Relations, Negative Experiences, A Hostile Gaze.

Expectations of Shelter Service Providers: Is There a Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy? Is There a Reasonable Expectation of Refuge?

Alternative Examples…

DTES Women’s Center in Vancouver has excellent policy’s they developed for police to follow.

St.Mungo’s out of London England .

Alpha House in Calgary…

Her report will probably be added to minutes from tonights meeting on this CTEHV site at HOME page.

This was a joint CTEHV and VIPIRG project that was pretty much handled by Rebecca and will be taken from here and not wasted!   Thanks so so much and in solidarity!!

Now for the “Social Housing Now” Leafletting Updates




VIPIRG and ACPD made a date for May 2nd to go Gateway Office from 12 – 1pm.  One of my dreams come true!  That is the disability office way the fck out there!


I have personally wanted this for some time and was thrilled to hear the news at the meeting tonight.  CTEHV has of course joined in on this one.

I don’t think we’ll have that Large banner someone wanted to do done in time but, ya never know, now that we have a date.  We have one and that is enough for now.

I hope to get word out to folks who really wanted to leaflet this Gateway Office like the SCIAC group over at the Greater Victoria Coalition To End Homelessness and other friends on disability who have been seriously worried about housing over at View Towers and beyond.

CTEHV will be hosting an ongoing Social Housing Now leafletting at Quadra and Fort Every Tuesday from 12 – 1pm.  We need some consistency for our homeless family members to know where we are.  We will as a group talk about other locations we may plan for.  As there is more and more divide and rule poverty pimping due to government cuts, neglect and thus attacks we are experiencing by police; we work to serve justice and EMPOWER the homeless to LEAD THEMSELVES out of poverty and so far they want care, dignity and HOMES!  Homeless family need and have asked to be treated with dignity.  Many have asked for a tent city and each time they attempt one it gets attacked and not supported.   They want Healthcare For All, Safe Consumption Sites, healthy jobs not destructive retail.  The list goes on and we must start with homes.  This government has no home for my future, I don’t need an advocate, I need a home and a future, we need them built!

Please help.

check out minutes and more updates about how we are moving forward with Rebecca’s work!

kym hothead hines




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Stand Up To Fight For…

Social Housing Now!

If you have a mirror, you can read the pamphlet, OR, come to the next leafletting and I’ll personally give you one!

So, Due to us being so overwhelmed and double booked, you may have seen a few of us from the CTEHV out and about. I was at Quadra and Fort leafletting for housing. I have a vested interest, I need it. Desperately. Looks like streets for my future if this BS keeps up. How do you all think its gonna be any different for me than all the others?
Although I am privileged to have folks in my life who share, its no guarantee.

So, I went over to ACPD and Ally printed up some leaflets for me and I folded, I promise to send a formal request to ACPD in terms of regular printing for this campaign, I almost got rid of 3/4 my pile today!
I had people who were either most happy to be offered information of Social Housing. I had smiles and folks who were down right curios to those downright desperate. Very friendly folks, brightened my day it did!

Someone from every class walked by for some reason or another. Those who were poor who walked by just had that “what is this, another fckng campaign of charity…?” kind of look and they hear my words, see the words written as I hold one up for them while smiling, and they’d walk by thinking about it. I know they’ll be back and maybe one day we’ll meet.
Other privileged folks who were mostly white but many others asian, south asian, and so on…
These privileged folks all smiled nice and say “no thank you, I’m ok.”
They are fine, they do not need housing. Mostly I smiled. I was able to be humble and smile and one elder woman, after she smiled real nice with eye contact, I smiled real nice back and asked her to have a nice day, she sincerely thanked me for that.
On the other hand, a privileged looking thirty something male walked by and said “I am fine.” and kept walking. I said “You may be fine now but odds are you won’t be for long.” He kind of thought that was probably correct and food for thought.
Another guy walked by I saying “would you like some information about Social Housing?” He says “I know about the cost.” all sarcastic like.
I answers ” You might think your secure now in your housing, just wait? What of the cost of poverty now?”
I think now to add: What of housing for after that work place accident we never plan for, or that car accident? That unwanted divorce? Or like the car accident that ended my career in hair dressing when under cover narcotics officers rear ended me on their way to a bust in Calgary some years back now?
The cost of poverty and the cost we all carry of not really having freedom, in our deaths we even do not have dignity to die how we want to. If you want those you love around you when you are dying, you need to have a will. How many folks who are homeless you think have a will?
Do you even have one?
Anyways, I am having to be thinking of these things a lot these days as I need to make my own plans. I have conceded I am not going anywhere this summer due to poverty and my growing pain syndrome, the only place I am going to go is protest, and that will vary as to where and when, there are so many fronts.
If I have to be in Victoria, Victoria is gonna have to see me.
See you next Tuesday when I hope to be back with friends next time. Lots of good mixed crowds and, more fun with friends, please post widely.

You can go to:

respect and in solidarity

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“Kitimat residents vote no on Northern Gateway”

From below article:

““The plebiscite has no legal impact on the project, but Enbridge Inc. poured considerable resources into its “Vote yes for our future” campaign.””

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911 on Douglas April 21st

These are some images I took as I approached a police, fire and ambulance scene at Douglas and View right in front of McDonalds.





What happened to the man who fell down on Douglas in front of the McDonalds?  I had arrived as the “firemen” were most honourably trying to resuscitate this mans heart, I must say, having worked front lines for years and witnessed this many times, these people who were firemen did a professional job, tag teaming and working with ambulance who were using a Defibrillator on the scene.  I parked my bike and hung on the corner at a respectful distance holding space, praying to my ancestors for this man as he was lying so vulnerable in the hands of others trying to get his heart to start.  I noticed a man standing nearby who felt approachable so I asked him “is everything alright?”  He said they had been working on him for awhile, since he arrived, he thot it was a fellow who pan handled down on the next block, down towards the bank on Fort.  As he spoke I looked at the man.  He seemed tall and far too thin, one could not help but notice his ribs and far too thin stomach.  I wondered about images of folks in so called third world countries I’d seen all my life on the television in the 60′s 70′s 80′s…and here we were on the corner of Douglas and View street in civilized Victoria, occupied territory of the L’kwungen people.  The L’kwungen had no such poverty as this when the occupying forces came and took hold of this land.  The man had finished sharing and we were both quietly watching.

As I waited and prayed to my ancestors and all my relations, I payed attention, a 28′ish white male was angrily approached by police who spoke in what I thot was a kind of aggresive and threatening rather than assertive.  There are profesional ways to say  “Excuse me, have some respect how about, stop taking pictures.”   The crowd around me seemed to agree with my verbal statement “maybe there is a nicer way you could have said that?”

The crowd decided to let it go, given the circumstance it was right to let it go.  We got back to quietly focusing, folks coming and going and checking in…

Soon after a woman came walking down View sidewalk and was suddenly stopped by the yellow police  tape, saw a police man standing in front of her and, well, one could tell she was drinking and, that was ok as she was walking fine and just going somewhere and had no idea what was going on.  When she saw the VICPD she was not happy.  In this town, I can understand why, especially by the McDonalds where there is often a lot of police activity.  Well, this woman obviously had a voice and let it be heard that she wanted to know why the fck she could not get by.  I began to move towards her to help out when VICPD badge number 434 moved aggressively towards her, and in one sentence said “fuck” three times!  He ordered her to turn around and leave, using the word fuck three times!  I was shocked as was she.  I looked at him and stopped him by stating “you do not speak to people that way.”  He looked at me and moved towards me in the same aggressive fashion.  He wanted to know who I was.  I said “You are containing a scene and this citizen stumbles upon it and you speak to her in this way?  You do not speak to people that way.”  I turned to her and he stumbled verbally and tried to regain his composure as I ignored him and speaking to her got her to come aside letting her know that “I have no problem not being rude to you as that rude SOB just was.” That got her attention and she looked at me and said, “Ok.”  I then explain to her, as she mouthed off about “wtf is he doing talking to me like that?”, that a man may have had a heart attack, the ambulance and firemen were working on him and that the corner was roped off for to give them space.  She says “I don’t give a shit”.  I says, “you don’t have to give a shit, but, if you don’t mind just keep walking so those of us who do can help with this, that would be great.”  She says after thinking about this for a three seconds “Ok”.  As she walks off she ask’s “can you get that assoles badge number and name?”  I says “I already have.”

I get it fellows, I know its hard work to have Neo Conservative’s breathing down your necks all the time about drug collars, I get it.  How about you get some ovaries, as they say, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT instead of just being miserable about having this dumped on you.  This being the Neo Conservative attack on our diminishing health care, no housing for the poor or working poor, the cuts go on and on as Steven Harper and Christi Clark lie to us while making deals with Oil and Gas!

We have a growing crisis on our streets with the ongoing attack on all social and health supports, education, Harm Reduction Services, the list goes on.

We are in a mess, our water is a mess, our salmon and other species dependant upon us to care for them are in a crisis with industry destroying so much land and resources, not replenishing life but Korporate Kapitalism takes takes takes for itself and leaves us wanting.  All Corporate Government is doing is Greed Kapitalism, Harpers plans are more war, more arms for war, more divide and rule Kiev Ukraine style.  You do know that Harper helped arm fascist’s on the ground who illegally occupied Kiev’s Government right?

On this night here in Viktoria, far as I could tell, this man whose life hung by a thread before us as witness, who ever he was was poor.  His shoes showed it in how old they were, how worn, how many times did he walked this sidewalk?:  his shirt showed it, his ribs and lack of stomach and small gangly thin arms showed it…

We may hear something in the news about this man, whom a mother birthed and here we were, with him, I was merely one of many in a nearby crowd witnessing his transition from life to death.  From what I can tell, he was uncared for as many homeless are uncared for, and we may learn a story of a man who had dreams he was able to let go of, or who had plans that failed yet here he was, in beautiful L’kwungen territory, one of the most touted about occupier and settler states: Victoria British Columbia.  Beautiful pristine lawns with gates and locks and “oh the lawns at the Legislature”; and that ocean and land with stories to tell of riches lost by occupiers bringing lies and deception believing themselves to be above “those people” already living in these lands, seeing only resources not community.

Here I was, on my way to see Bob Boyd for a short visit at about just about 5pm.  It was now 540′ish.  I ended up leaving as they were about to make” the call”.  “The call” these types of people who worked so hard on this man have to make and never want to make, they were about to declare him deceased and remove him from the scene and bring him to hospital.  They will identify him and try and find next of kin.  The street will have probably identified him by morning.  His passing will be mourned.

I have never had to write such a post, I cannot say how I feel, it’s hard to write.  I am both grateful to have been able to be there, bearing witness with other citizens, and disheartened and I can only take a deep breath when it comes to the behaviours of the VICPD tonight.  I’d say they brought shame to themselves and the VICPD.  Other people were hard at work doing their jobs in what I perceived in an honourable way, and the officers embarrassed themselves by being verbally rude and threatening in the one instance, and threatening and abusive in conduct as to the officer 434′s “verbal conduct”, it was deplorable.

On the other hand, respect to those citizens who held space, sent good vibes, prayed or what ever it was you were doing in your own way, it made a difference.  To that young man standing by the door of McDonalds, thank you for showing such respect.

Thank you to all of you.

in solidarity

kym hothead

9:15pm, Thursday April 21, 2014


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Police In Dinner @ Our Place Lunch

April 14th

So, I went to Our Place for lunch, was hungry and once again found myself at the mercy of charity.  I bring my camera and insure its charged up.  I always see police at Our Place meals so, when I got there and there was no cars, no “beat walking police” or no “copcycle’s” (Loving term on the street for police on bicycles)

It was a pleasant surprise to have none inside either so that with a small line up, pretty good soup I could eat and loads of folks saying” Hi”, what a treat.

I no sooner sit down and have a young woman come and sit with me, we met at a CTEHV meeting and she seemed down.  We chatted a bit and when she asked how I was, I said kind of good that I don’t have to take out my camera and take photo’s opf police watching over us, she says look behind you.  I look and there are two uniformed police standing up in the dining area just by the hand washing station, where people walk to get into line up.  I said, “woa, thanx sister.  And, just for the record, I always bring my camera, please let me know a 6 up next time.  I got up, had camera out of bag and took these photos;







These two officers did not seem to like it much, I mentioned I was taking photo’s as a Street Newz Reporter, and the Our Place staff waved, sweet guy by the way, but the two officers kept moving around trying to get out of frame.

Your public servants, you are at Our Place with out a warrant, why you wanting to hide from camera?


kym hothead


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