DangLiNG Carrots update: Albert Gerow, What’s up?

“Pipeline chief Albert Gerow won’t answer Burns Lake Band questions” (http://www.straight.com/news/553961/pipeline-chief-albert-gerow-wont-answer-burns-lake-band-questions)

Now, first nations youth who HAD been receiving grants are experiencing a 25% cut to grant moneys, want to know where that moneys are going?

Go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LiVeCoWfUo

Its my DangLiNG Carrots youtube video.

“I accidentally came upon this press release for LNG at the Legislature April 29th. I am sure Albert Gerow was on those stairs, maybe even Phil Fontaine?
Sell outs for Oil and Gas, sad shame since that industry is dead and dying and on its way out. Its a new day of alternative living and healthy life, these folks are the ones we are still educating and waking up!
I saw suits and loads of people on stairs including youth of colour, I know they hand picked this group, I felt for them all, so I went and turned on camera, here is what I saw and heard.

TradeRoute Mobile Training Unit! (Mobile LIARS courtesy LNG , government etc!)
This disgusted me, it was, to me, a big LNG Government “love in” full of lies!”

I was unable to catch it all but, I caught enough on film to know how disgusting this all is!

One can go and check out Camosun College and see how they CUT the 2nd year Geography program completely!  What or whom are they making room for in their budget/itinerary?  None other than LNG ie: Tech trades involved in Fracking, just what we wanted right? Wrong!

I found this sticker on this monument for the worlds tallest totem pole, up at Dallas Road in Beacon Hill park.

IMG_1069 IMG_1071

Speak OUT and Stand up!  Lets get the word out that our students are under attack, our very future is under attack.  I know of a fourth year herbalist student from Ft. Chippewa area who did not get the usual grant money she was told to expect.  SOmeone let her know that they cut 25%  to go elsewhere, and guess where?  Argh!

An herbalist gets cut for fracking tech!!!!
How messed is that Canada!  Pretty messed in this day and age!

We got healing to do and what does Harper and neo cons alike do?

Hey reporters, cover this one maybe?  You can use a fake name and we’ll get it out for you!

In the 2013 Straights article :

“Gerow is stepping down on December 31. He has accepted a job with TransCanada Pipelines Limited, according to a report by the Burns Lake District News. TransCanada wants to build the Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to the U.S.

In May of this year, Gerow endorsed exploration work for another pipeline project, Enbridge Inc.’s Northern Gateway, which his wife’s political party opposes. (That pipeline was recommended for federal approval by the Joint Review Panel on December 19.)
“He never discussed his resignation nor his job that he took with TransCanada,” Charlie said.
Charlie and 12 other members and nonmembers of the band were sued for defamation by Gerow and two others.
Former band councillor Ryan Tibbetts, a lawsuit defendant, attended the December 17 meeting. Tibbetts said that an explanation from Gerow at that meeting of his decision not to finish his term would have been a “common sense thing to do”.
“But he didn’t even do that,” Tibbetts said by phone.
Gerow did not respond to requests from the Straight for comment before deadline.”

Hmmm?  I wonder, what ever happened in that suit against the 12 members and non members of Burns Lake? ANyone? I know I saw Gerow sons in a fancy high definition LNG PROMO Pipeline video talking about how great their jobs were. Acting of course, for the corporate pig. I guess maybe Albert Gerow has got some “secret plan” he will unveil in which he takes over LNG and shuts it down?

Dream on hothead!  I support Ancestral Pride and the like, lets GO supporters of first nations! Get behind true leaders!  Many youth are speaking out as well, praise them one and all, lift them up as they are our future, our children’s future depend upon them.

Lets all move away and out of the dark colonial ages into a new enlightenment lead by traditional people’s.  Protectors will soon leave their jobs on masse and defend, that day is coming, prepare yourself Gerow youth, that day is coming, know which side you are on. All of you family members working for oil and gas, KNOW THAT YOU come from a time of people who walked and moved forward with true elders.  You will walk away from destructive jobs and take your rightful place in defending Life itself and your very futures.  I know it.  We all know it.

Prepare yourselves one and all.

Its gonna be fun work; reclaiming, rebuilding and the empowerment which will follow.

kym hothead hines


tee hee hee…


go to below url for full story and photo of MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert.


“MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert says the NDP is focused on taking on the government.
NEW DEMOCRATS AREN’T having a conversation about Albert Gerow’s endorsement of exploration work for the Northern Gateway pipeline, according to B.C. NDP environment critic Spencer Chandra Herbert.”


Caucasian woman asked to run for chief of Burns Lake Band
Enbridge pipeline divides First Nations in Burns Lake area
Defamation suit exposes huge rift in Burns Lake band

“Gerow is the husband of Victoria–Beacon Hill MLA Carole James, a former leader of the NDP, which opposes the oil pipeline project.

“That conversation is not there. Our conversation is about how do you take on the government,” Chandra Herbert told the Straight in a phone interview on February 6.

Last year, as chief of the Burns Lake Band, Gerow backed an application by Northern Gateway proponent Enbridge Inc. for temporary-use permits to undertake drilling and surveys.

“We’re not looking at an individual band or an individual person,” Chandra Herbert said.

B.C. Green interim leader Adam Olsen suggested that there must have been some “discomfort” among New Democrats over Gerow supporting exploration activities for the pipeline. However, the Tsartlip First Nation member said that Greens aren’t going to push the NDP to talk about this.

“It is their business to have the discussion, whether they see fit or not. It is what it is,” Olsen told the Straight in a phone interview.

Gerow stepped down as Burns Lake Band chief on December 31, 2013, before the end of his term.

On February 11, a by-election was under way for a new band leader. Pauline Goertzen, a Caucasian woman, and Wesley Sam, a former band councillor allied with Gerow, were running for the position.”

Follow Carlito Pablo on Twitter: @carlitopablo.

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Affordable housing in Victoria gets “Temporary Promises” from B.C. program.

SHN Banner

Times Columnist ran a story with very little research again, I am afraid, or, once again a reporter was edited?


The headline read:  Affordable housing in Victoria gets boost from B.C. program.

Here is my analysis, kym hothead:

Coleman is a liar and his history going back to the disability review with Gordon Campbell’s regime is gross and inhuman, he has recently REDEFINED social housing.

Here is where the money will be spent:” $62.5 million over five years to bring rent supplements and support services to at-risk groups in six communities, including Victoria.”
That is poverty pimping and its TEMPORARY best!  People, this is not an answer, this is a temporary job keep program for folks working front line poverty industry and middle class homeowners who want to fill their rental suites, when the money runs out those folks will be in the same place they are in now but only WORSE since NO social housing building plans are on the books! WE the people will need to place it on the books.

So, all these folks in this group;  youth at risk, women at risk of violence, those leaving hospitals and correctional systems and first nations: are at risk of being dumped in five or less yeas, as the rental supplements do run out.  No Permanent Social Housing and actual Permanent Affordable housing are bing built or planned for even.  This is not the solution, its a job creation program and a temporary fix, its not fair at all.  Not fair to do this to all the people involved including the front line workers whose own mental health are stressed, all the social justice and academics who work really hard to HELP create great projects just to witness their ideas get watered down to this? Thats just wrong!

“The at-risk groups include youth transitioning out of foster care, women who have experienced violence or are at risk of violence, those leaving hospitals and correctional systems and aboriginal people.

The rental supplements will help these individuals find and secure affordable housing, while connecting them with agencies to offer support and prevent them from becoming homeless.”

Here is a classic de-politicisation statement from a person making the most right now currently in poverty pimping industry in Victoria, I assume:

” “These [at-risk groups] are all the areas that we have identified as needing focus, so we’re pretty happy with it,” Wynn-Williams said.”

I add: Only he’d be pretty happy about a temporary solution, what with his job and all attached to stats.
“He said he was told Victoria will receive 117 rental supplements through the program, which will translate into 100 more spaces of affordable housing. The supplements will be administered through various agencies, including Pacifica Housing, Burnside Gorge Community Centre and Threshold Housing Society.”

I am sure that many of these rental subsidies will not help folks on streets now but help keep the rental subsidized folks going who are already temporarily benefitting from them.  I see the numbers on streets will most certainly rise, no Permanent Homes built, its gonna get worse so, police, front line will indeed be busy placing bandaids on folks open wounds of vulnerability in this heartless Neo Liberal led province and, it seems NDP locally are not pushing for Social Housing and Affordable Housing?

SHN BAnner 2 legisla

Social Housing includes Affordable housing for working poor people and all definitions of families.

CTEHV currently has a Working Group on the Social Housing Now movement.  We have recently decided and are organizing with VIPIRG and SOLID to hold a Community Action Planning Meeting on October 28th at St. Andrews Church, Kirk Hall-Douglas and Broughton 6-730 pm.

VIPIRG will begin by presenting findings on their recent Housing Survey and: Social Housing Now Working Group will end with sharing updates and ask /prepare for what is next re: Affordable and Social Housing for Novembers next meeting in which SHN Victoria will present proposal they are currently developing as well as others who will share their work or visions with the idea of actions in mind.

In Novembers meeting we will talk about what to focus on after Novembers Housing meeting part 2 looking into December.  Police State, Harm Reduction and need for an immediate Safe Consumption Site to open, Homeless and cold weather protocol issues,…the list is endless, we decide together what actions are needed/wanted.

respect and in solidarity,

kym hothead hines

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No Olympic’s On Stolen Native Land, walking down memory lane…

I am a visitor in Lkwungen Territory.

“CLogg The Arteries of Kapital.”

Been thinking a LOT about how we have no homes.  How, since 2009 we here in Viktoria have been devastated by death of so many loved ones who were homeless, there are too many for me to mention in this post, I knew them all to see them and some I was very close to and hold dear to my heart forever.

We’ve been doing a lot about “home” and, it made me think of this day in the four day convergence on the Olympics in Vancouver, we represented in song and chant, in love and holding hands, caring and watching out for each other.  We did this thru a lot of pain, both in heart and body.  We did this because we love community and Life.

You may see the irony in the last two photo’s below….with my heart wide open, my mom’s near death and our powerful visit I will never forget, and her peaceful death in her sleep, death was all around and this four day convergence reminded me of Life!

I was committed to go to all four days, as was my friend Dianna.  She had never been to anything like these four days and, this day in particular was a learning experience for us both, credit to us for sticking together thru the time the guy with the semi automatic and actul grenades made eye contact with me and, how, when I tired to move past him to where my comrades were, he held out his hand all of a sudden and his hand touched my chest, my friend yelled at him “YOU do NOT touch his chest! YOU do not!”  I said “I am not sure where you are from but, here in Canada that is assault.  You could have just asked us not to go there.”   We did manage to get out unscathed and helped others make a choice and stay or go.

THe last photo I took on the train, we fleed up to what was suddenly RObinson and I began to call out “Beware CIty of Vancouver Police and Military are RIGHT NOW attacking protestors and beating them.” One family who were walking right int hat direction decided to walk across to our side, as I was walking as fast as I could to get to a bus, we got on, made it to sky train where police were everywhere. I got down hall just before the train and I saw that ad, I could not resist.  We had a friend who got a stick across the back, Dianna went and walked with her for three hours, I crashed on the bed, heart BIG, thots a stirring, thinking of all my friends who were dead in Victoria becasue they were homeless and thrown away by society while folks partied their faces off, getting drunk.  Here were a bunch of dedicated to Life self identified anarchist’s completely sober and, willing to take a beating from Kops to try and stop the violence done to this earth.


During the Olympics, Feb. 14.2012 Women’s Memorial March was this same weekend.  We went all four days and documented it all.  I want to do a slide show one day, especially of this day entitled Clogg The Arteries of Kapital…

I really thought it was a union lead snake march.  Well, laugh if you will, it was funny and, what a surprise for me, it was a black bloc LED march.  I got educated.  I learned a lot about black bloc as tactics.  Its what it is, its not a person, its a tactic.

There was a green flag, we were educated that as long as the green flag was up, we were safe as a group, when the flag went down, we were no longer safe, we had to be more cautious.  There was a black flag at front of march, and one at the back, you’ll notice them in some photo’s.  If the flag at front went down, that meant the flag in back was probably going up and we were turning around.

It was a great feeling to be in a tight succinct safe space. IN that; all were aware and present, more present than any other group I’ve been in in public, paying attention and helping communicate to each other.  Many of us were media and were documenting.  Dianna came as my buddy, we watched each others backs.

Please enjoy a few photo’s of that day, I also have posted them on face book with comments.  I do want to organise a slide show which will show my faves of all four days.  I highly recommend we all experience massive protest, its a feeling like no other, no sport can bring it, no theatre, this is lived experience and the energy of a large group demanding change with such ferocious love of Life moves me.

For now, here is a taste:


IMG_0696 IMG_0681

IMG_0675 IMG_0640




IMG_0688 IMG_0713

IMG_0657 IMG_0634 IMG_0686IMG_0651IMG_0678IMG_0716

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Call Out For: Stands 4 Social Housing!

Call Out For: Stands 4 Social Housing:


*STAND 4 Social Housing

info: Kym Hines (CTEHV, thaw blog)

thawvictoria@gmail.com, or alisonacker@shaw.ca

The CTEHV has a Working Group and are moving forward with Social Housing Alliance Victoria as we organize to hold monthly STANDS for HOUSING. The need for adequate, safe, affordable housing is readily apparent as the weather gets colder and extra shelter beds are implemented in some communities. So this is the time to get the message out that there is a housing crisis in our province and an urgent need for more social housing to be built. Doing a STAND in your community is a simple way to raise awareness of the urgent need for housing.

Its been suggested that folks around the province do a STAND on the first Saturday of each month at noon. This will provide a consistent presence and message so that awareness of the housing crisis and the need for social housing won’t be silenced by the political discourse of the status quo

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WOrking Group for Social Housing Now:1st meet up!

Minutes from first Social Housing Now Working Group.

October 14th. @ Debie’s.

Present: Debie and Kym.

Mark, Susan, Rene, Alison and Cam sent their regrets, hope they are all traveling and/or resting well.

*Debie O’Connell gathered much info from her experience helping to start social housing in past and is aware of many projects, has many contacts and has begun reaching out.  She is helping Kym (and we need help with this).

Here are some links she shared:






http://enfhs.org/index.html   ( entre nous femmes housing society vancouver bc )

Here are notes shared from Ivan Drury, SHN Vancouver:

Here’s a couple thoughts on the question of getting social housing through “Community Amenity Contributions” from condo developments, based on our experiences here:

1) The *best case* example of this was Woodward’s, which, as you know, was a highly politically charged site that was originally supposed to be all social housing and ended up being 125 social housing units in “exchange” for more than 400 other units that low-income people can’t access, a mix of rentals and condos. The effect of this was a loss of all low-income affordable housing in the surrounding neighbourhood. See a map and analysis CCAP made about this here: http://ccapvancouver.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/ww_gent/

2) Woodward’s is used as an example, but the practice is far worse. For example: in Chinatown there are 771 units of condos being built (nearly double what came at Woodward’s) and the “Community Benefit” of social housing? Only 11 units at welfare rate. The same is true in the Eastern part of the DTES, where a single 282 unit condo building will bring the community only 24 units at welfare rate.

Here’s a couple articles about these projects:



In general, we have found that market levers to get social housing cause far more harm to low-income communities than the good they might bring a handful of individuals. We argue that the government needs to raise taxes on the rich, and build social housing for low-income people, not use “innovative” project cover up for their lack of action.

I hope that helps some, and to see you soon! November is just around the corner!

Thanks Ivan!

*Please ask  SHN Vancouver:

(-We will formally ask Social Housing Now (SHN) Vancouver for help with stats as they already have them for BC and we want to focus both on BC and local to Victoria; I also want to ask SHN Vancouver if they might already have the “how many condo’s built in viktoria since 2009 stat.) and ask Andrew at GVCTEH for local Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness region’s stats:

-List which are temporary supportive housing.

-Supportive social housing for women, how much exists?

-Family Housing?  How much exists, Native Housing, is it in disrepair, if so why?

-Get a list of social housing that exists in Greater Victoria Region since 2009:

-How many social houses have been built since 2009?

-How many are built for PWD’s since 2009. (also maybe ask Joanne @  ACDP)

-List how many are suites rented from a “Home Owner”.

-Ask how long do rent subsidies last usually?

-List of condo’s built since 2009 ( Lisa Helps put in a request on our behalf. )

*We spoke of meeting Monthly for this working Group, not an “open meeting” per say  but open to offers of help for work.  MAny are already reaching out to help with stats and research, thank you all!

*Create a Call Out For:

Volunteers for Bi-weekly or monthly Social Housing Now Stands . (see website for examples in Vancouver,

Volunteers for “As Needed” Flying Squads at Liberal, Provincial or Municipal political events, etc.  Good example’s are:events where politicians are speaking:  election talks / gatherings / debates can be a place where we leaflet like nuts for our municipal! J  (see below ** for deets from Vancouver)

*To Do:

-Let other individuals and groups know about us, send them this email.

*Printing Needed and NEW LAYOUTS for Social Housing Now leaflets.   Kym needs these done well before going to Vancouver and Social Housing Now Stands can pick up again any day now.  We have folks willing to print, I need to be able to change a bit of SHN leaflet from their website for us locally, just add to this blog info.


In Oak Bay a person donated a Building For Youth and contractors Hero WOrk are renovating/upgrading.

We can pitch them and other contractors as we will developers.

*Existing Social Housing Buildings going to disarray why?   Kapitalist greed is why! Economics creates it. How to say it nicely factually?

How much budgets go to repair and upkeep, and how much upkeep is being done.

Details…we need details.  Where and who can help with this one?

* Which current politicians are helping now:

Murray Rankin, David Eby, Lisa Helps, Marianne Alto, Ben Isitt,(this is not a complete list and I need you to please add to list so Flying Squads can plan and organize.)

*Which current politicians are not helping now:

The list is huge but, Christi Clark, Ida Chong, liberal policy, Harper’s CONservatives have cut housing, attack tent city’s and dictate to police. (this is not a complete list and I need you to please add to list so Flying Squads can plan and organize.)

**Regarding: Social Housing Flying Squads:

Check out this web for details:


notes from page:

Social housing flying squad report #1

BC NDP event: Adrian Dix fundraiser with David Eby in West Point Grey
Dave, Alexandra, Ivan, Eli and Fraser went on our first flying squad action to an NDP fundraiser at a restaurant in the west end of Kitsilano. We set up outside the restaurant on the sidewalk in the setting sun and greeted the mostly surprised NDP supporters as they arrived.

Almost entirely friendly and encouraging, the most common response from NDP members was, “are you sure you’re at the right event?” One guest told us she was part of the last generation of STANDS for housing, another that he had founded the Citywide Housing Coalition. Many of the guests believed that the NDP already had a strong position for social housing and were surprised when we told them the NDP had not committed to any meaningful numbers or funding for social housing.

The organizers came out and spoke with us but did not invite us in.”


Social housing flying squad report #2
BC Liberal event: Mike DeJong fundraiser at 4 Seasons hotel downtown Vancouver Connor, Alexandra, Fraser and Dave hit our first BC Liberal flying squad at a fairly major fundraiser in a downtown hotel.

We set up outside the hotel on the sidewalk but because it was such a big building we couldn’t get close to the doors or easily engage with the people going in.

The guests could not have been more different than at the NDP event the night before. A lot of guests drove into the parkade and didn’t pass by us closely. Those who did pass by closely were indifferent at best and pretty hostile and mean at worst. Alexandra went into the hotel lobby to approach Liberal party members. Guests politely took her brochures and agreed that the party should discuss social housing. Then she was pressured out of the building by hotel security.

The organizers did not engage us and actively blocked us from coming in. We decided that at future big Liberal events we should organize more of a protest and interruption and less of a polite information leafleting.”

SHN Toolkit for elections:

Produced by Social Housing Coalition BC – http://socialhousingbc.com

Authorized by Social Housing Coalition BC, registered sponsor under the Election Act, 604.725.6054

Social Housing toolkit for “All Candidates” forums in the 2013 BC election

The candidates’ forum toolkit is designed to help you question candidates in the 2013 BC election about affordable housing, social housing, and rent control. It is meant as a general guide only and does not include statistics specific to your local community. The purpose of asking candidates about the housing crisis is not only to find out where they stand, but also to make people attending the forums think about the housing crisis in their communities.


  • “Affordable housing” does not necessarily mean social housing
  • Shelters are not housing; they are a band-aid that hides homelessness
  • Single Room Occupancy (SRO) hotels are not safe, healthy homes. The BC Liberals count the 1,500 hotel rooms they bought in 2007 as new social housing but it is not
  • Lack of social housing & high market rent prices are a problem for low-income and low wage workers in every city and town in all of BC
  • We need a regular social housing program of 10,000 units a year. More than 116,000 people facing homelessness need housing funded and built on the basis of their housing needs, not influenced by the real estate market. Social housing built through partnerships with private industry in the best environments produce only 1 unit of social housing for every 10 units of market housing. Partnerships will not give us the housing we need.
  • Social housing is a federal and provincial government responsibility to be funded by taxes; it is not the responsibility of charities, municipalities, or private developers.
  • Housing is not only a question of shelter, but also a question of physical and mental health.
  • The housing crisis is a serious emergency. The classic image of the homeless person is the minority of those facing homelessness. 11K are visibly homeless, 40K hidden homeless, and 60K facing the immediate danger of homelessness.

Questions for the candidates:

  • How many units of social housing will you create in this city/town/community? How will you fund them?
  • Over the next twenty years operating agreements of existing co-ops and BC housing units will expire, leaving operators without funding. What will you do to save existing low-rent housing?
  • There is currently no government program to fund social housing after 2015 and the Housing Endowment Fund is all spent. What will you do to address this?
  • The Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) allows for landlords to raise rents without limit after making renovations, effectively evicting low income tenants. Will you close this loophole in the RTA?
  • What do you think about tenant unions? Will you recognize their right to negotiate with landlord.
  • Temporary migrant workers live in housing conditions controlled by their employers. Their housing arrangements are set in their work contract and the RTA does not protect  them. They are not eligible for BC Housing.   What will you do to extend housing rights to Temporary Migrant Workers & undocumented people in BC?
  • The RTA encourages landlords to evict lowrent paying tenants because there are no limits to rent increases between tenancies.

Do you support freezing rents to protect low rent housing? What sort of rent controls do you support?



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Rally In Support Of Social Housing Now and Protectors of Grace Islet @ the Legislature!

I am a visitor in Lkwungen WSANEC Territories.

[NOTE: see below our post for info: regarding:

"The Protectors of Grace Islet are asking concerned Victoria area residents to join them in sending a loud and clear message to Government at the first day of the fall sitting.

Please join us for a Rally at the Provincial Legislature at 501 Bellville St. Victoria Inner Harbour

starting at 12:00pm on Monday, October 6."...continued below our post]

You keep asking what to do do help, please help us rally in support of Social Housing Now when Christi Clark comes back to work, for us!

MONDAY at 12.45, the Committee to End Homelessness will be protesting outside the BC Legislature when Premier Christy Clark greets the arrival of the BC Lt. Governor prior to the opening of the legislature.

We will be protesting the Government”s inaction on homelessness.  BC is one of only two provinces with no  social housing plan.  There remain  more than 100,000 people in BC in housing crisis, 10,000 of them with no homes at all.

In Victoria, last Feb.14, in 2 degree weather, emergency shelters turned away eleven children and their families, into the street.  This is  unacceptable.  .

For information: 250 480 4854 or alisonacker@shaw.ca.

Even though she seems more interested in Gas, Oil, Mining and Private schools than the actual people who live now whom have laboured for Industry for what?  To be abandoned in the end by a heartless government?

Everyone deserves a home and besides, its cheaper than poverty pimping industry right?  We know this by now.  Social Housing and affordable housing helps prevent the embarrassing and horrible fact that 11 children were turned away from shelters this last year in one day!  In Victoria.  Shame.

We are the leaders we have been waiting for, look forward to seeing any of you who can make it.

in solidarity


Here are photo’s of our placards, we also have four new banners we are going to unveil, Raging Grannie Alison Acker made them with love and passion!


I think you get the picture.

We will also be sharing the Legislature rally space with our brothers and sisters:

The Protectors of Grace Islet are asking concerned Victoria area residents to join them in sending a loud and clear message to Government at the first day of the fall sitting.

Please join us for a Rally at the Provincial Legislature at 501 Bellville St. Victoria Inner Harbour

starting at 12:00pm on Monday, October 6.

Together with Chiefs, Indigenous Leaders and Elders, and concerned citizens we’ll be sending yet another clear statement to Government and British Colombians, to bring a swift, just and fair resolution to this issue, and to protect the Grace Islet Cemetery.

For more info on the dispute see the Grace Islet page.https://www.facebook.com/graceislet

The only people on the wrong side of history are Christy Clark, Steve Thomson, and the BC Liberals. Let’s send a loud message to government that they need to do the right thing and rescind the permits. You don’t build on a cemetery.

We’re fed up with the provincial government’s disrespect and miss-handling of Grace Islet, and are determined to rally in support of the local Chiefs’ demands for an immediate Stop Work order. We’re repeating the call for Minister Thomson to reverse his decision allowing residential construction on a First Nations cemetery, and to designate Grace Islet a heritage site NOW.

We need your help to get the word out!!! Please contact friends and supporters on Vancouver Island and invite them to join in. Let’s make a BIG statement to government that First Nations issues and showing basic respect for people’s final resting places are important issues, and Grace Islet deserves protection.

Specifically, why was a permit ever given to property title ‘owner’ Barry Slawsky to build on an ancient burial ground contrary to principles of respect for First Nations and concerns for heritage site preservation? Why was it renewed in 2013 after he bulldozed the centre of the Islet, with no archaeologist or First Nations present, contrary to the conditions of the permit? Why are the changes in his site plan and design considered “discrepancies’ when in fact they are violation of the law?

Please make signs to bring if you can, such as “Discrepancies are Violations – Revoke the Permit, Minister Thomson” : “STOP Work – STOP Desecration” : “BC Permitting Cultural Genocide” : “Rest in Peace- Only for some?” : “Respect Grace Islet Cemetery” : “Respect the Heritage Conservation Act” : “ALL local levels of Government oppose this development” : “Respect First Nations Cultural Beliefs” : “Protect the Grace Islet burial ground”

For more info see the Grace Islet page. https://www.facebook.com/graceislet

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Fixing Bikes and Advocacy WAtch

GOod morning.  I was reminded this am of two things.  One, we all have a place in production.  Two, that we are desperate for an Advocacy WAtch.

I was on me porch when I heard a neighbour family heading out for day, middle boys bike broke.  I got up and thot I might help as it seemed the chain had simply come off.

As it turned out, I needed a wrench and to loosen a few things to get it unstuck.  Was so great to help them out so that they cold be on their way again.  I was so so happy to be able to fix this child’s bike, I am still aglow.

I know them well and this mom is an amasing mom with great security culture, matches my own.  I say that because of a story she told me which upset me.

So, while the little fellow is trying out his bike she tells me someone called the cops on her!  I was like “What?  You?”  She was at a park, maybe oaklands area, and there are adjoining parks beside each other attached by grass.  Her wee one in in a bike trailer which is locked to bike and bike is locked, baby was sleeping so, she went to get other one, had a clear view of her carriage and baby, anyone got too close, this woman can run and you do NOT want to get in her way, ok?

So, I guess she noticed folks walking kind of by her bike and baby, all was well nas they kept walking, so she thot.  They called the cops on her.  OMFG!?  People have asked me why do I think we need an advocacy watch when we have cop blocks and neighbourhood watch and the like.

Well, Advocacy WAtch helps empower power to be brave and move past their stigma’s and learn how to resolve conflicts and learn when to call police.  This was completely unwarranted in every way, except this woman called the cops!

In this case, these people could have simply went over to mom, whom they knew where she was since the complaint to cops was that “mom was too far away from her baby…”.

So, these folks wasted the tax payers money and the cops time, they could have asked mom them selves.  Advocacy WAtch is about folks everywhere looking out for one another, get to know one another and build community which is right around you/us.  Why not just trust she is on it and help watch her back for her?  Or, go to her kindly and with concern and share your concerns.  I know she would have calmed your concerns.

We must learn to deal with our own conflicts citizens, we give far too much power to police state which is ruled by Neo CONservative’s currently in Canada aka Kanada aka First Nations Land.  Neo Liar Liberals also seem fine with Prison Industrial COmplex.  Its a lobby which see’s us a slaves, resources is the new word for us.  The potential for us to have to go to one of these jails due to minimal sentencing CONservative’s and the like are PUSHING RIGHT NOW as Texas and the like try and get rid of them as they DO NOT WORK!  They know that now but, the Prison Industrial COmplex is selling to us here thru Harperite’s and the like.

This kind of system encourages bullying.  We give our power away, this is not good folks. Bully’s learn this too and find ways to get power, we are all in power struggles of some kind when you think of it, playing a game of power.

Game of thrones in our day to day lives.Folks sadly give their power away over years and generations.  We are however waking up socially so, its just a matter of time we all get this.

This mom is amasing and dealt with it all well and, what a sad reminder of our community, no one knows each other cause most do NOT want to know others, prefer to keep that distance with the charity mind or down right judgemental and punitive like those I know who pushed for the by law to remove campers from the tent city on Pandora Green/Harris Green a few years ago.

Can we change?  Can we save ourselves and help each other, experience unity in community?  We shall see.  Its only a matter of time.

kym hothead hines

ps: not to mention the guy who ended up on another  neighbours stairs and was cowering from another guy on the sidewalk waiving a bat yelling “don’t you EVER come back here again!”  Yes, police were called as kids were around and, guy who was cowering talked to 911 rudely then yelled at the operator and threw phone back into house walking off…he was confused and high.  Smart of family not to let person in, you never know what he is carrying or why a fellow is chasing him with a bat.  Good call.  Asked him if he wanted to call 911, after operator answered, they gave him the phone.  End of story.

Police called back and spoke to household parent, they said “it might have been a con..”.  Hmmm?  Folks assumed drug related conflict.  I agreed.  Unless you know of a con like this going on?


stay safe, get to know your neighbours…reach out.

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