Residents of Oppenheimer Park issue Eviction Notice to the City of Vancouver!

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Homelessness and the Charter: Victoria (CIty) v. Adams

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City orders Oppenheimer Park campers to leave

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Refused Service at Bottle Depot.

I just got refused service at the Bottle Depot. Why?
Last week I went in with my bike, due to my disability, I went on car side as” walk in” side was busy, its uneven and my disability makes it hard to maneuver, I was told by staff in past it was ok to be there the odd time long as I stay out of way.
Last week I was in that spot and the manager came out and let me know I cannot be there, I was like “ok, I thot it was ok cause someone said I could cause of how I need flat ground sometimes.”  He asked “who told you that”, I said “I don’t remember and that is not important, my disability makes it hard for me and I think an exception was made and, I often meet friends here in cars.” He stated the other side has been made flatter. He stated I was not allowed to solicit from folks.
I said “I don’t “solicit” for recyclables, as I said, I have housed friends who meet me here in their cars”. Like how Chris Kennedy used to do, and others as well..
He just walked away and did not want to hear me, it felt horrible and I know when I am being stigmatised and poor bashed.

Anyways, today I went back and had to clear the air with him, I waited till he came by and asked him if he remembered me from last week, and he did and I said “I felt like you stigmatized me, that you assumed I “solicited” bottles and I don’t…that is stigmatizing and kind of poor bashing.” He totally disagreed and was defencive, he refused to admit any wrong or that he was stigmatising.

He pretty much was a “smirking rude manager type” so, I said: ” I guess I am going to have to write a letter so I can have some closure…”

AND, this is where it gets cloudy, I heard him say “If you write that letter you I’ll respond and you won’t be served here anymore.” I was shocked and stated the conversation was over I guess I need to write a letter. He did end up walking away and going and informing staff as to his side of story.  Keep in mind, I never ahve had problems at depot, if anything, I was praised for how I organised my trays.  He came back out and tried to talk again, not taking any accountability and reminding me that rules are rules, which, of course I had no problem with? I re:state I do not want to talk about this, lets do it in writing how about, as we already determined, He said “keep this out here” I said
“not sure what you mean, if you mean me calling out folks who are stigmatising me, I cannot keep that out here, that goes with me where I go.”

As it turns out, what he said was “go ahead, write that letter,you are not being
served here today.”
So, I thot I heard what I heard and kept sorting. It takes me awhile as i have a lot, two carts full.
I finally go up and find out I am not being served. I try and ascertain why, engage staff to help, they know me and i am a great customer and never a problem.  They also seem a bit unsure and looking at me with confusion and assumption.
I state regarding the confusion being refused service: ” I did not hear him right, why would I keep sorting if I knew I was not being served and why am I Not being served, do you agree with this?”  I try and plea with staff, let them know my side, he does not help as he stands there with this smirk and triangulation attempts.   The manager left the conversation with that smirk on his face. I inevitably ask how they work out conflicts with this guy?
No answer, I take my cart back down to car and every few minutes yell from my car at the top of my lungs SHAME!  I am an activist, I do protest’s, I use my voice against injustice.
I want to go back with camera and record myself for the blogg and youtube, who can come with me now? I have to get daughter at 330, leave at 330 to get her so, its now.
I just want a witness as I record myself in front.
kym hothead hines

exhausted. tired. have to go back to Depot...

exhausted. tired. have to go back to Depot…

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Police “Buckle Up” Flagging on Blanshard.

Undercover Police are now doing Flagging (that is what its called when you stand on the side of a street by a street corner / lights, they hold a sign sometimes “Spare Change?”  “Food Change” “rent change”.

I saw a sign that said “Buckle Up” and I was like wtf?  I took out my camera and clicked away and realized the police officer was handing out tickets for folks not wearing seat belts.  I find this disturbing.

Do you?  Why?  Please share your thoughts.

here are the photo’s.  note: there were quite a few police one block down, I also saw a camera so, must have been a photo shoot for the popo?

IMG_1345 IMG_1346 IMG_1347 IMG_1348

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We gave each other loving eyes and away I went.

Thursday:Day in the Life.

You Asked…


this was taken just before going out bottling last winter.

Facebook post, slightly edited for clarity.

“GOt up at 0500 to do Times Columnist Extra (34.00 a run 4X’s a month), then, to Bottle Depot to bring in collectables: One nice man drove in and came over to me and gave me his bottles/cans! I was so thrilled, I said big “thanx” and like woa, I shared as it is a “daughter day”!   I started to sort and he drove up to and along side of me, with a big smile on his face and gave me 5 bucks!
I was so moved I almost cried, woa eh?  All these emotions rose up in me as he said “go out and get that extra today with your daughter.”
So, I now have 10 dollars to go and buy fruit for the week end for zee zee and I, wondering where is closest for good apples/organic…?
have zee zee tonight, fri/sat/church sunday am. now to go and get more for this week end other food needs, plan for…
(poverty dance, never ending.)”

So, to continue…

Left the house and went into James Bay before picking up daughter and got loaded up again in my buggy cause low and behold, it was blue box night and some folks like to get stuff out early or, are hanging in their front yard.

Story 2:

I was going home cause, the last time I got off my bike, the cart went back and lifted my rear end of bike off ground, LOL!  I was smiling a lot thursday folks.

So, the horse buggy folks come by and I sense horse is freaked by my load, I go up on sidewalk.  As they pass I hear the woman share lovingly with horse “just ignore it buddy, keep going, stay focused…”  I waited and decided to take a peek at the blue box across the street front of a house where a 30 something guy was sitting outside with his dog, catching rays, reading a book and having a cold drink.  He see’s me and waves me over, telling me he has some stuff alongside the house, he says smiling “I thought you might want to top up that load?”

I mentioned the horse, why I was waiting and decided to thank him and see what was there, I was prepared for the bike weight thing so, I hung onto my bike seat and kept my weight on it cause I’m feeling tired now.  Happy, but tired.

His dog was the sweetest middle sized dog, if his dad said I was ok, then, I was ok, he was so dern cute!  We gave each other loving eyes and away I went.  I saw the recyclables and smiled.  It was worth it to take on more cans and, I needed the weight of wine and beer bottles to keep it down.  it was perfect, I had a chance to tie stuff down, rearrange and turn that load around heading back up to the front yard just a beaming I am sure.  DOg greeted me first and I had to share how I thot he was just so sweet, this fellow laughed and said “yes” as his eyes went back to his book, all smiling.

I said have a good day and he said “your rig is packed, have a great one.”  I didn’t stop till I got home, what a trip, its cool to connect with this middle class and working class of folks as I go and bottle.  I see many people drop off their recyclables to those who are there, those of us who struggle, who walk, ride and push buggy’s, more and more folks go around in vans, its a harsh reality.  Viktoria locks up bins far too much, its kind of sad, the feeling I get when I go and check a blue bin and its locked.  The Legislature locked up recycle containers are a sick sick shame! Low down shame, makes vikkktoria look bad, it does.  They do  not have to be locked up.  Hey City of Vikkktoria: You in a money shortage or something?  You sure don’t look like you have a problem there what with all your “fancy everything vikkktoria”.  Boom Boom is the Zoom with condo’itis, more and more promise of condo’s YOU APPROVE City of Vikkktoria!  WE NEED HOMES, the poor, not more poverty pimping poverty industry buildings/jobs!  Homes.  You got one, we want one.  You seem to have a plethora of condo’s now so…how about Social Housing Now?  I’d still be bottling but, I’d be a lot happier!   Vikkktoria, City of, its sucks our joy.  You, the people, you create joy, you make it.  You, the people.  Thank you.


The housed people, many of them, they share, I see it.  More and more folks are leaving out bottles and cans separated, many don’t call the police when you go and carefully, as quietly as able, go thru their bins, sometimes 0330 in the am.

Here are some photo’s of me to share with you.  The different faces of a person who is in constant pain.  Yet, kind of happy I guess?







“What did you say to me? I cannot hear you with these ear muffs on”   This is how I can look when in pain, bottling and happy.


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In Victoria fire aftermath, View Towers ‘renovictions’ condemned Katie DeRosa

View Towers tenant Rebecca White, left, and friend Penny Lawson look on during Wednesday’s demonstration at Fort and Quadra streets.   Photograph By ADRIAN LAM, Times Colonist


View Towers residents and poverty advocates gathered at the corner of Fort and Quadra streets Wednesday to take a stand against the way tenants have been treated after the fire that displaced 70 people.

With the 19-storey apartment building looming in the background, some shared stories of being told their furniture is contaminated and they’ll have to pay thousands to get it professionally cleaned before moving it out. Others have complained of being coerced into signing a mutual agreement to end tenancy on the premise that their home was uninhabitable after the May 15 fire, only to find out there’s little to no damage in the suite.

The common thread was vulnerable, low-income residents who have been forced out of their homes and face a huge monthly rent increase in other apartments.

Shane Calder, an advocate with Social Coast, one of the agencies that organized the rally, echoed the concerns of several others that longtime View Towers tenants paying low rent are being kicked out so that the property managers can renovate and then raise the rent, a practice often called “renovictions.”

Dozens of people gathered on the sidewalk, carrying signs that said: “Solidarity with evicted tenants” and “My downtown includes low-income people.”

Rebecca White, 51, has lived on the eighth floor of the building for five years. She said she has received confusing answers as to whether her furniture is contaminated with asbestos. She was given an estimate of $20,000 when she asked how much it would be to professionally clean her furniture.

White doesn’t have that money, but she’s not ready to say goodbye to all her possessions, which she was told must be out of the suite by June 15.

Together Against Poverty, which is advocating for displaced residents, said that under the Residential Tenancy Act, if a tenant has abandoned his or her personal property, a landlord has an obligation to store it for 60 days. That applies unless the market value of the items is less than $500 — in which case the landlord can sell the items and give the tenant the money — or if the belongings are unsafe or unsanitary, which the landlord must prove.

White has filed a complaint with the Residential Tenancy Branch in hopes of getting a damage assessment specific to her suite, which building management has refused to provide. She was paying $619 a month in rent and is now facing a $200-a-month increase at another apartment.

Warren Griffiths, who has lived in the building for about 12 years, said he has spent 21 days in the Salvation Army, sleeping on a mat until getting a dorm room about a week ago.

Griffiths, who lives on the 10th floor directly above the suite where the fire broke out, said he’s being pressured to move out his belongings but hasn’t found another place yet.

He said he believes he was coerced into signing the mutual agreement to end tenancy to get his damage deposit and half month’s rent back.

A lawyer with B.C. Public Interest Advocacy Centre said tenants are not legally required to sign the mutual agreement to get their money back.

Victoria Coun. Ben Isitt criticized View Towers management for not moving displaced tenants into the dozens of vacant suites not damaged by the fire. There are about 100 vacant suites in the 356-unit building, 23 of which were damaged by fire.

“They’re sitting on a massive inventory of low-cost housing right now,” Isitt said. “The construction of that building was subsidized by low-cost loans from federal authorities and they’ve made a choice to not move the displaced tenants into units that have been sitting vacant from even before the fire.”

View Towers management, landlord Vancouver-based Westsea Construction Ltd. and building owner Edmonton-based Capital Management Ltd. have refused to answer questions on issues involving the building following the fire.


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