Social Housing flying Squads!

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The Flying Squad

(starting with the most recent action)

Photo of Social Housing Coalition Flying Squad outside of Adrian Dix's Campaign office on May 3rd, 2013

Social housing flying squad report #14
Flying squad outside Adrian Dix’s Campaign Office
Friday, May 3rd, 2013

It takes courage to make change: Activists challenge BC NDP to end homelessness and poverty
By Ivan Drury

View more photos here

UNCEDED COAST SALISH TERRITORY: On Friday May 3rd a group of 16 housing and welfare activists visited BC NDP leader Adrian Dix’s campaign office. The rally, co-organized by Raise the Rates and the Social Housing Coalition BC, called on the NDP to revise their election program to end the crises of homelessness and poverty in BC.

Bill Hopwood, organizer with Raise the Rates, said, “The NDP platform on inequality and welfare is like going to a doctor and getting diagnosed with cancer but only getting prescribed aspirin.” He spoke on the sidewalk outside the NDP office, cars going by on Kingsway interrupted him honking their support for the slogans on the protest banners.

“A person on disability in BC still gets $662 less a month than a person on disability in Alberta. The NDP platform does not promise to change that,” Hopwood said. “Dix promises to lift 8,000 kids out of poverty; which is great for those kids, but there are 100,000 more children still living in poverty.”

Dave Diewert, an activist with the Social Housing Coalition BC, explained how the NDP’s housing platform lets down people facing homelessness. “Partnering with the private sector is the problem, not the solution to the housing crisis. When you build for profit you don’t build the homes people need, you just build the homes people will buy,” Diewert said. “We need homes for more than 100,000 people facing homelessness. Not only will the NDP plan not build those homes, it could cause housing losses and more displacement.”

Photo of Social Housing Coalition Flying Squad inside Adrian Dix's Campaign office on May 3rd, 2013

Alexandra Henao, with the Agricultural Workers’ Alliance and the Social Housing Coalition, said that thousands of agricultural workers are dropped into this housing crisis every year and need support from the NDP. “Temporary migrant workers come for eight months and live isolated from other workers and communities. They pay rent for typically a two-bedroom place for 12 guys and work 6–7 days a week, 12-hours a day and they don’t have the right to speak out,” she said. “Migrant workers are isolated in farm-housing and invisible to peoples’ eyes and also to those who make decisions, we need to defend their right to be in this society and not at the mercy of the politicians.“

We were surprised that the only media that turned out for our action in front of Dix’s office was Fairchild TV. Their absence had us feeling we were there representing the people in BC no one wants to hear about. It was like we were making Liberals nervous because our rally is proof that their stories about the radical socialist NDP are lies. And like we were making the NDP nervous because we’re raising the issues their members support but their leaders won’t act on. We could really feel that if no one will speak for working and low-income people then we have to speak for ourselves.

Chanting, “tax the rich to house the poor! Social housing now!” the demonstrators marched into the NDP campaign office with their banners held aloft. Five NDP staffers and volunteers were in the office working on Dix’s campaign and the protesters directed their message to them, asking them to advocate to Dix for action.

Fraser Stuart, a Downtown Eastside resident on welfare, said, “A $20 increase in welfare is an insult, not a rate increase. It won’t do anything to help low-income people.” Pearly May, a member of the DTES Power of Women Group, said, “I am an Aboriginal woman and a single mom and I know what it is to be discriminated against when I need housing. The landlords just tell you there’s nothing available, everywhere you go. Indigenous people can’t afford to wait any longer for the housing that we need.”

Photo of Social Housing Coalition Flying Squad inside Adrian Dix's Campaign office on May 3rd, 2013

And Charlene, steering committee member of the Social Housing Coalition, said, “Our communities want good health, and to get it we need good housing and enough to live on. Unfortunately it does not look like the NDP is prepared to make a difference.”

The NDP staffers and volunteers responded hesitantly: One said, “we know there’s a problem and this doesn’t do much, but we’re standing behind our platform.” Another said, “Our program is a start, it’s better than nothing.” Their reasoning was similar to one NDP supporter who stopped to chat with the protesters outside. He said, “You guys are right that there’s a housing crisis and no one is taking it seriously. I understand why you’re frustrated. But be patient and trust that Adrian is a good guy and will help you when he gets in. The task now is to get him in.”

Herb Varley, Nuu’chah’nulth and Nisga’a member of the Social Housing Coalition, didn’t accept the wait-and-see approach. “The NDP says it will make change one step at a time but I don’t buy it. The Liberals didn’t hesitate to cut taxes for the rich or social programs for the poor, they did it in one foul swoop.“

Varley challenged the NDP to support people most in need, “It takes courage to make change and there’s no courage in the NDP platform.”
Bill Hopwood summed up, “Our final message to the NDP is that our campaign really begins on May 15. Our pressure to get the NDP to end homelessness and poverty in BC is just beginning.”

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Coleman responds to Social Housing CoalitionDemands


Shared from Social Housing Alliance Website:’

On Monday, February 4th, 2013, the Social Housing Coalition held a press conference to demand 10,000 units of social housing per year for the over 100,000 homeless and under-housed in BC.

Kelvin Bee (Kwakwaka’wakw elder with Aboriginal Front Door Society) acknowledged that we were speaking on Unceded Coast Salish territory: Musqueum, Tsleil-Waututh, Squamish nations, and then opened the conference. Speakers included Tami Starlight (Peguis Cree, DTES Neighbourhood Council board member and anti-oppression activist), Ellen Woodsworth (Former Vancouver city councilor with COPE and current organizer with Women Transforming Cities), Karen Ward (Gallery Gachet),Jean Swanson (Carnegie Community Action Project, CCAP), Lorelei Williams (Aboriginal Front Door Society), Doug Swan (ACORN Canada), Kim Hearty (Vancouver Renters’ Union), and Sozan Savehilag(No One Is Illegal).

Rich Coleman, BC’s minister responsible for Housing, responded to the Coalition’s demands (see below). Here’s the media coverage:

And also:
Crisis group wants 10,000 social housing units built per year
By Kevin Griffin, The Province • February 5, 2013

Here’s the full NEWS 1130 coverage:
Social housing challenge is unrealistic:
Coleman Says true numbers are higher than Social Housing Coalition BC claims

by Dave White, NEWS 1130 • February 5, 2013

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC’s housing minister says a coalition’s challenge to see him commit to 10,000 new social housing units a year is unrealistic.

Rich Coleman says it’s an idea that could cost billions of dollars.

Social Housing Coalition BC issued the challenge yesterday, admitting it would cost $2 billion a year, but adding that the province is in a crisis with 100,000 people homeless or close to it. Coleman isn’t sold.

“It’s about a $3-billion capital cost and would probably cost you half a billion a year to operate,” he argues. “It’s certainly not part of our platform or program and I haven’t heard from the opposition whether it’s theirs or not.“

“It… isn’t realistic and… it blew through my desk as just a comment from somebody on the Downtown Eastside, I think it was Jean Swanson, and we havenrsquo;t done enough analysis on it,” adds Coleman. “Jean is a member of the NDP but I think she has her own notions on this.”

Coleman tells us itrsquo;s challenging to get projects going when you consider public consultation, funding plans, and construction. He adds the province has increased the BC Housing Budget by $400 million a year in the last six years, just to add a dozen new social housing developments.

Today, he announced 100 interim units have been secured at a former Howard Johnson Hotel on Kingsway for those transitioning out of homelessness.

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Congrats To David Tat!

Congratulations David Tat., long time member of the Committee To End Homelessness Victoria, the original group which formed.   We are all so thrilled for you getting voted onto the Greater Victoria Coalition To End Homelessness Leadership Council aka the board!  We are all proud of you and know that you will represent!  Good work friend!  You ahve been thru a lot and have a lot to offer.

DAvid Tat and Kym

DAvid Tat and Kym

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Project Connect and Bicycle Lee.

Project Connect happened at Our Place yesterday, was great to see so many folks once again volunteer their time to our homeless and poor.  The line up for food was back to Conservatory when I arrived, they were busy most of day.

Project Connect Our Place.

Project Connect Our Place.

IMG_1636 IMG_1637

From flu shots to scarves and touques, folks were lining up.  Great to hang ot with front line organisations and network.

I even saw a visiting mom and her child, don’t see children much anymore, since 19 and under are not allowed into Our Place.  I often wonder why they do not advertise this to the general public?  Our Place is no longer for families.  This was one of the rules that changed right after Reverend Allen Tysick left Our Place.

I don’t want to be a bummer though so, I’ll keep going here.

Was happy to see Bob Boyd and David Tat, Bob seems well and David goes to his first Leadership Meeting at GVCTEH next week.  Excited for him and all he can bring.


DAvid Tat and Kym

DAvid Tat and Kym

I got picked up by my Mary, thank goodness as my bike was out of commission due to both brakes being broken, not to mention some other repairs needed.  I was happy to come home and find Bicycle Lee and Mary hanging out on back porch, a sight for sore eyes.

fixing brakes

fixing brakes

Lee fixed front brakes and I will see him end of week for back brakes, thanks so much Lee, you saved me, I can go and do Times Colonialist Extra Extra this thursday!

I love my community, thanks everyone for lending a hand and reaching out with love and care.

kym hothead

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DangLiNG Carrots update: Albert Gerow, What’s up?

“Pipeline chief Albert Gerow won’t answer Burns Lake Band questions” (

Now, first nations youth who HAD been receiving grants are experiencing a 25% cut to grant moneys, want to know where that moneys are going?

Go to:

Its my DangLiNG Carrots youtube video.

“I accidentally came upon this press release for LNG at the Legislature April 29th. I am sure Albert Gerow was on those stairs, maybe even Phil Fontaine?
Sell outs for Oil and Gas, sad shame since that industry is dead and dying and on its way out. Its a new day of alternative living and healthy life, these folks are the ones we are still educating and waking up!
I saw suits and loads of people on stairs including youth of colour, I know they hand picked this group, I felt for them all, so I went and turned on camera, here is what I saw and heard.

TradeRoute Mobile Training Unit! (Mobile LIARS courtesy LNG , government etc!)
This disgusted me, it was, to me, a big LNG Government “love in” full of lies!”

I was unable to catch it all but, I caught enough on film to know how disgusting this all is!

One can go and check out Camosun College and see how they CUT the 2nd year Geography program completely!  What or whom are they making room for in their budget/itinerary?  None other than LNG ie: Tech trades involved in Fracking, just what we wanted right? Wrong!

I found this sticker on this monument for the worlds tallest totem pole, up at Dallas Road in Beacon Hill park.

IMG_1069 IMG_1071

Speak OUT and Stand up!  Lets get the word out that our students are under attack, our very future is under attack.  I know of a fourth year herbalist student from Ft. Chippewa area who did not get the usual grant money she was told to expect.  SOmeone let her know that they cut 25%  to go elsewhere, and guess where?  Argh!

An herbalist gets cut for fracking tech!!!!
How messed is that Canada!  Pretty messed in this day and age!

We got healing to do and what does Harper and neo cons alike do?

Hey reporters, cover this one maybe?  You can use a fake name and we’ll get it out for you!

In the 2013 Straights article :

“Gerow is stepping down on December 31. He has accepted a job with TransCanada Pipelines Limited, according to a report by the Burns Lake District News. TransCanada wants to build the Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to the U.S.

In May of this year, Gerow endorsed exploration work for another pipeline project, Enbridge Inc.’s Northern Gateway, which his wife’s political party opposes. (That pipeline was recommended for federal approval by the Joint Review Panel on December 19.)
“He never discussed his resignation nor his job that he took with TransCanada,” Charlie said.
Charlie and 12 other members and nonmembers of the band were sued for defamation by Gerow and two others.
Former band councillor Ryan Tibbetts, a lawsuit defendant, attended the December 17 meeting. Tibbetts said that an explanation from Gerow at that meeting of his decision not to finish his term would have been a “common sense thing to do”.
“But he didn’t even do that,” Tibbetts said by phone.
Gerow did not respond to requests from the Straight for comment before deadline.”

Hmmm?  I wonder, what ever happened in that suit against the 12 members and non members of Burns Lake? ANyone? I know I saw Gerow sons in a fancy high definition LNG PROMO Pipeline video talking about how great their jobs were. Acting of course, for the corporate pig. I guess maybe Albert Gerow has got some “secret plan” he will unveil in which he takes over LNG and shuts it down?

Dream on hothead!  I support Ancestral Pride and the like, lets GO supporters of first nations! Get behind true leaders!  Many youth are speaking out as well, praise them one and all, lift them up as they are our future, our children’s future depend upon them.

Lets all move away and out of the dark colonial ages into a new enlightenment lead by traditional people’s.  Protectors will soon leave their jobs on masse and defend, that day is coming, prepare yourself Gerow youth, that day is coming, know which side you are on. All of you family members working for oil and gas, KNOW THAT YOU come from a time of people who walked and moved forward with true elders.  You will walk away from destructive jobs and take your rightful place in defending Life itself and your very futures.  I know it.  We all know it.

Prepare yourselves one and all.

Its gonna be fun work; reclaiming, rebuilding and the empowerment which will follow.

kym hothead hines


tee hee hee…


go to below url for full story and photo of MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert.

“MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert says the NDP is focused on taking on the government.
NEW DEMOCRATS AREN’T having a conversation about Albert Gerow’s endorsement of exploration work for the Northern Gateway pipeline, according to B.C. NDP environment critic Spencer Chandra Herbert.”


Caucasian woman asked to run for chief of Burns Lake Band
Enbridge pipeline divides First Nations in Burns Lake area
Defamation suit exposes huge rift in Burns Lake band

“Gerow is the husband of Victoria–Beacon Hill MLA Carole James, a former leader of the NDP, which opposes the oil pipeline project.

“That conversation is not there. Our conversation is about how do you take on the government,” Chandra Herbert told the Straight in a phone interview on February 6.

Last year, as chief of the Burns Lake Band, Gerow backed an application by Northern Gateway proponent Enbridge Inc. for temporary-use permits to undertake drilling and surveys.

“We’re not looking at an individual band or an individual person,” Chandra Herbert said.

B.C. Green interim leader Adam Olsen suggested that there must have been some “discomfort” among New Democrats over Gerow supporting exploration activities for the pipeline. However, the Tsartlip First Nation member said that Greens aren’t going to push the NDP to talk about this.

“It is their business to have the discussion, whether they see fit or not. It is what it is,” Olsen told the Straight in a phone interview.

Gerow stepped down as Burns Lake Band chief on December 31, 2013, before the end of his term.

On February 11, a by-election was under way for a new band leader. Pauline Goertzen, a Caucasian woman, and Wesley Sam, a former band councillor allied with Gerow, were running for the position.”

Follow Carlito Pablo on Twitter: @carlitopablo.

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Affordable housing in Victoria gets “Temporary Promises” from B.C. program.

SHN Banner

Times Columnist ran a story with very little research again, I am afraid, or, once again a reporter was edited?

The headline read:  Affordable housing in Victoria gets boost from B.C. program.

Here is my analysis, kym hothead:

Coleman is a liar and his history going back to the disability review with Gordon Campbell’s regime is gross and inhuman, he has recently REDEFINED social housing.

Here is where the money will be spent:” $62.5 million over five years to bring rent supplements and support services to at-risk groups in six communities, including Victoria.”
That is poverty pimping and its TEMPORARY best!  People, this is not an answer, this is a temporary job keep program for folks working front line poverty industry and middle class homeowners who want to fill their rental suites, when the money runs out those folks will be in the same place they are in now but only WORSE since NO social housing building plans are on the books! WE the people will need to place it on the books.

So, all these folks in this group;  youth at risk, women at risk of violence, those leaving hospitals and correctional systems and first nations: are at risk of being dumped in five or less yeas, as the rental supplements do run out.  No Permanent Social Housing and actual Permanent Affordable housing are bing built or planned for even.  This is not the solution, its a job creation program and a temporary fix, its not fair at all.  Not fair to do this to all the people involved including the front line workers whose own mental health are stressed, all the social justice and academics who work really hard to HELP create great projects just to witness their ideas get watered down to this? Thats just wrong!

“The at-risk groups include youth transitioning out of foster care, women who have experienced violence or are at risk of violence, those leaving hospitals and correctional systems and aboriginal people.

The rental supplements will help these individuals find and secure affordable housing, while connecting them with agencies to offer support and prevent them from becoming homeless.”

Here is a classic de-politicisation statement from a person making the most right now currently in poverty pimping industry in Victoria, I assume:

” “These [at-risk groups] are all the areas that we have identified as needing focus, so we’re pretty happy with it,” Wynn-Williams said.”

I add: Only he’d be pretty happy about a temporary solution, what with his job and all attached to stats.
“He said he was told Victoria will receive 117 rental supplements through the program, which will translate into 100 more spaces of affordable housing. The supplements will be administered through various agencies, including Pacifica Housing, Burnside Gorge Community Centre and Threshold Housing Society.”

I am sure that many of these rental subsidies will not help folks on streets now but help keep the rental subsidized folks going who are already temporarily benefitting from them.  I see the numbers on streets will most certainly rise, no Permanent Homes built, its gonna get worse so, police, front line will indeed be busy placing bandaids on folks open wounds of vulnerability in this heartless Neo Liberal led province and, it seems NDP locally are not pushing for Social Housing and Affordable Housing?

SHN BAnner 2 legisla

Social Housing includes Affordable housing for working poor people and all definitions of families.

CTEHV currently has a Working Group on the Social Housing Now movement.  We have recently decided and are organizing with VIPIRG and SOLID to hold a Community Action Planning Meeting on October 28th at St. Andrews Church, Kirk Hall-Douglas and Broughton 6-730 pm.

VIPIRG will begin by presenting findings on their recent Housing Survey and: Social Housing Now Working Group will end with sharing updates and ask /prepare for what is next re: Affordable and Social Housing for Novembers next meeting in which SHN Victoria will present proposal they are currently developing as well as others who will share their work or visions with the idea of actions in mind.

In Novembers meeting we will talk about what to focus on after Novembers Housing meeting part 2 looking into December.  Police State, Harm Reduction and need for an immediate Safe Consumption Site to open, Homeless and cold weather protocol issues,…the list is endless, we decide together what actions are needed/wanted.

respect and in solidarity,

kym hothead hines

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No Olympic’s On Stolen Native Land, walking down memory lane…

I am a visitor in Lkwungen Territory.

“CLogg The Arteries of Kapital.”

Been thinking a LOT about how we have no homes.  How, since 2009 we here in Viktoria have been devastated by death of so many loved ones who were homeless, there are too many for me to mention in this post, I knew them all to see them and some I was very close to and hold dear to my heart forever.

We’ve been doing a lot about “home” and, it made me think of this day in the four day convergence on the Olympics in Vancouver, we represented in song and chant, in love and holding hands, caring and watching out for each other.  We did this thru a lot of pain, both in heart and body.  We did this because we love community and Life.

You may see the irony in the last two photo’s below….with my heart wide open, my mom’s near death and our powerful visit I will never forget, and her peaceful death in her sleep, death was all around and this four day convergence reminded me of Life!

I was committed to go to all four days, as was my friend Dianna.  She had never been to anything like these four days and, this day in particular was a learning experience for us both, credit to us for sticking together thru the time the guy with the semi automatic and actul grenades made eye contact with me and, how, when I tired to move past him to where my comrades were, he held out his hand all of a sudden and his hand touched my chest, my friend yelled at him “YOU do NOT touch his chest! YOU do not!”  I said “I am not sure where you are from but, here in Canada that is assault.  You could have just asked us not to go there.”   We did manage to get out unscathed and helped others make a choice and stay or go.

THe last photo I took on the train, we fleed up to what was suddenly RObinson and I began to call out “Beware CIty of Vancouver Police and Military are RIGHT NOW attacking protestors and beating them.” One family who were walking right int hat direction decided to walk across to our side, as I was walking as fast as I could to get to a bus, we got on, made it to sky train where police were everywhere. I got down hall just before the train and I saw that ad, I could not resist.  We had a friend who got a stick across the back, Dianna went and walked with her for three hours, I crashed on the bed, heart BIG, thots a stirring, thinking of all my friends who were dead in Victoria becasue they were homeless and thrown away by society while folks partied their faces off, getting drunk.  Here were a bunch of dedicated to Life self identified anarchist’s completely sober and, willing to take a beating from Kops to try and stop the violence done to this earth.


During the Olympics, Feb. 14.2012 Women’s Memorial March was this same weekend.  We went all four days and documented it all.  I want to do a slide show one day, especially of this day entitled Clogg The Arteries of Kapital…

I really thought it was a union lead snake march.  Well, laugh if you will, it was funny and, what a surprise for me, it was a black bloc LED march.  I got educated.  I learned a lot about black bloc as tactics.  Its what it is, its not a person, its a tactic.

There was a green flag, we were educated that as long as the green flag was up, we were safe as a group, when the flag went down, we were no longer safe, we had to be more cautious.  There was a black flag at front of march, and one at the back, you’ll notice them in some photo’s.  If the flag at front went down, that meant the flag in back was probably going up and we were turning around.

It was a great feeling to be in a tight succinct safe space. IN that; all were aware and present, more present than any other group I’ve been in in public, paying attention and helping communicate to each other.  Many of us were media and were documenting.  Dianna came as my buddy, we watched each others backs.

Please enjoy a few photo’s of that day, I also have posted them on face book with comments.  I do want to organise a slide show which will show my faves of all four days.  I highly recommend we all experience massive protest, its a feeling like no other, no sport can bring it, no theatre, this is lived experience and the energy of a large group demanding change with such ferocious love of Life moves me.

For now, here is a taste:


IMG_0696 IMG_0681

IMG_0675 IMG_0640




IMG_0688 IMG_0713

IMG_0657 IMG_0634 IMG_0686IMG_0651IMG_0678IMG_0716

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